Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down


Pin Me Down is a collaboration between London-based lead guitarist Russell Lissack (of Bloc Party) and New York-based singer/guitarist Milena Mépris. The pair fuses energetic pop vocals and melodies with the guttural, razor-sharp guitar sounds of the unknown or "apocalyptic pop" as the pair calls it


Meshing influences from the 80s with a futuristic soundscape, Pin Me Down make dance music for rock kids, or “apocalyptic pop” as singer/songwriter/guitarist Milena Mepris likes to describe it.

Pin Me Down began when British guitarist Russell Lissack (of the band Bloc Party) met Milena Mepris in New York City, when Mepris’s former band Black Moustache supported Bloc Party at the legendary Knitting Factory. The two shared guitar equipment at the show and instantly became friends, bonding over guitar playing, Twin Peaks, as well as the bands they loved like Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, and 80’s guilty pop pleasures like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Armed with identical laptops and protools music programs, the two began sending songs they had each written back and forth over the Internet. Lissack had many song ideas, in addition to those he worked on with Bloc Party, many revealed a more sensitive side, while some featured his signature guitar delay textures and blistering riffs. Mepris, an accomplished songwriter and singer who often writes for others with a back catalog of over 300 songs, played Lissack some tunes she’d written for herself.

It was only a matter of time before the pair began to assemble songs together. Whenever their busy schedules would permit, they recorded demos together in whatever city was convenient, until they felt ready to take the next step and flesh out their songs properly in the studio. Bringing in producer, drummer, jack-of-all-trades Alex Elena, they camped out in the heart of New York City’s east village to make their debut album of danceable, heartfelt songs. While the melodies and lyrics deal with love, loss, and the (sometimes crumbling) world around them, one of Pin Me Down’s main concerns was to make sure their music was sassy fun.

When their first single “Cryptic,” the duo’s ode to modern pop culture and the unknown, appeared on February’s Kitsune Maison 5 GOLD compilation in Europe, the band was singled out and praised by the likes of NME, Dazed and Confused, Pitchfork Media, The Times (of London) and Drowned In Sound. Pin Me Down will now release “Cryptic” as a single on May 19, 2008 on Kitsune on 12” vinyl and digital formats. The single will feature remixes by acclaimed producer and remixer Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Babyshambles, New Order, Kate Nash), Dave P and Adam Sparkles (remixers to Klaxons, The Rapture, Bloc Party), as well as a mix by Pin Me Down’s own Russell Lissack and Jamie Ellis.


"Cryptic" 12" vinyl and digital single (2008) - Kitsune records.
"Pretty In Pink" and "Ticking" are streaming on the band's website and the band has received radio airplay in Europe, US, and Japan

Set List

Everything is Sacred, Ticking, Meet the Selkirks, Curious, Pretty In Pink, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Cryptic, Treasure Hunter.
PMD plays a 20- 30 minute set. No covers up to this point.