Pinn Panelle
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Pinn Panelle

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Rock Dubstep




"Live Dubstep With Guitars That Actually Rocks"

I've pretty much disliked every single live cover of a dubstep track I’ve ever heard… but these guys blew me away. Pinn Panelle is a great sounding band, and I’m amazed by how successfully they’ve transfered dubstep into a completely different dimension, without losing even a bit of the original energy. Awesome stuff! - Bedroom Producers Blog

"Live Dubstep Performance - Pinn Panelle"

Pinn Panelle does a great job of translating heavily produced dubstep into live performance. - Synthtopia

"Monday-Morning Mind Melter"

Pinn Panelle has mastered the sound that DJ king Skrillex can produce on his macbook, with their instruments. - Under the Gun Reviews

"Better Than Their Skrillex Cover"

"I did some research into Pinn Panelle, because they’re so good, and their original stuff is even better than their Skrillex cover. Check them out and buy their stuff." - 'What Was I Studying Again' Music Blog

"Pinn Panelle Album Review"

"Brilliant, yet unsigned, Pinn Panelle have an incredible sound... they have some sick, ingenious way of combining electronics, prog, and punk all into one. (throughout their album) the intensity and beautiful strangeness escalates, and you want to play it louder and louder. Give their album a listen - it will not disappoint." - ALTsounds

"Rockstep Redux"

"It might not seem like those DJ beeps, bloops and screeches can be replicated with physical instruments. Here to prove us wrong is the band Pinn Panelle..." - CBS News


Still working on that hot first release.



Pinn Panelle has acquired recent global fame with their full-band, Skrillex cover YouTube viral video, which reached 1,000,000+ views in under one month.

The band is constantly working towards innovation in their sound, and hope to be on the forefront of sound design and live dubstep/electronic music for their generation.

Their sound combines digibeats, epic strings, and distorted synths with a full rock outfit of musicians-turned-electronic sound designers. With their mix of innovative sound design tools, intense rock energy, and fan interaction, Pinn Panelle prides themselves on constantly delivering a live show their fans will not forget.