Pinqy Ring

Pinqy Ring

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Pinqy Ring, the five footer that bring Hip Hop and the urban streets music to the mainstream. This Boricua of the streets will bring any lyrical adversary to their knees, while enlightening the world.


Pinqy Ring, Born and Raised in Chicago, has always had a flair for writing. Since jump, growing up near the Lathrop Homes on Leavitt Avenue made her see things worth etching down with a pen and a pad. In the mean streets of Chi Town this Puerto Rican chick had rough weather to face but only clear skies ahead. Boosting up from 4th to 5th grade and then attending Lane Tech helped her maintain her book smarts, while coming up in the number one city of homicide helped her maintain her street savvy.
You could always catch her in the back of the class writing lyrics or goofing in the halls as someone beat-boxed for her. Throughout she was always an avid writer who perfected her style with the help of her peers, and music soon became her number one focus. She first shook hands with the mic at the tender age of 15, soon after her skills would lead to talent shows, street competitions and standing ovations. At the tender age of 18 she moved out on her own, facing the music everyday in her deteriorating communities. As she tries to place her past where it belongs, she has taken in a sense the mind set of a business woman while never forgetting her roots.
As the epitome of the racial struggle, she was led to Giovanni Records, where she has been perfecting her talent and securing her faith in the future. Still an all-around goal oriented performer, she is majoring in English Creative Writing at the University of Illinois in Chicago, while minoring in English Education. Damn! She wants to have the same effect as a performer and a mentor as she was able to experience with her teachers, and strives to carry on the tradition of the few Latin artists in Hip Hop.
Now into the music scene harder than ever, you can catch her at a venue near you to see the rags to riches story unfold slowly but surely. She isn’t a made man, but she sure made herself into a woman of musical taste and class. One thing is for sure though, ask around: There’s no denying this little 5 footer is nothing to mess with! Look to the fall for her debut, Pinq Panther, and just say 'Pinqy'.


Thrills 2004 produced by Rottweiler
Stop 2004 produced by Hill Top Prod
Da Musiq 2005 Produced by Don Gio
I gun 9 clips 2005 produced by Don Gio

Set List

Da Musiq
1 gun 9 clip (19 on the scene)
BloodClot ( Why you Mad)
30-45 min set