Portland, Oregon, USA

Pinscape is an American two member electronic-shoegaze band from Portland, Oregon. Pinscape combines unique synthesis, electronic drum programming, and textured guitar into evocative music similar in style to the work of Slowdive, M83, Ulrich Schnauss, and Boards of Canada.


Pinscape is a collaboration between Matthew Flook and Andrew Wisler that has developed between various songwriting projects. Flook released Pinscape's first EP "Transitory Timing" through Nueva Forma in 2010 and supported it with a number of solo performances. After a solo show under the moniker Exit Signs at Nueva Forma's 2011 KONTRAST: Audio/Visual Electronic Music Event, Flook soon realized another member would be essential to Pinscape's live show.  Through a mutual friend Matthew met Andrew, who shared a deep appreciation of the early '90s shoegaze scene and forward-thinking space rock and electronic genres; Flook began working with Wisler right away.

After taking to the stage as a duo for numerous performances, Pinscape went to work in the studio writing new songs. By the summer of 2012 the band had already recorded and self-released a trio of new singles, Termina!, Letropa, and Seasoma. While taking a break to work on other projects and travel, the band was humbled at the response they got from listeners abroad. A young film maker in Germany had sent the group a music video he had created for their song 'Liquefaction' and soon other fan-made videos began to appear.

Back in the studio working on songs for the full length album, the band kept busy in their downtime completing song remixes for Typhoon 'CPR/Claws Part 2' (Portland, Oregon), and Lamb 'Butterfly Effect' (Manchester, UK); both were made available as free downloads. The band also did a cover of Bjork's 'Joga' and released it as a free download in honor of the original song's anniversary. In summer 2013, Pinscape was invited to perform on the opening night at The Portland Film Festival. Performing only new songs, the duo's moody textures and creative production were quickly embraced by the diverse audience of festival attendees.

Pinscape's debut album titled "Angle of Incidence" was released October 21st, 2014.