Pinstripe Mystery

Pinstripe Mystery


Pinstripe Mystery is dedicated to bringing creative energy into the world, through our music. We are a hard-working band with a clear musical vision: to create interesting and unique music that is both moving and entertaining.


Pinstripe Mystery was founded in the Summer of 2005. The four members come from very different musical backgrounds and their diverse influences create a special sound. Peter had spent 4 years going the solo acoustic route. Jill was an orchestra pro. Dave was immersed in instrumental guitar pieces by Don Ross. He had never picked up the bass until our first practice, and his magical skill was revealed. Crystal was and still is a mutli-talented musician, used to singing in choirs.
The band is influenced by bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, and Broken Social Scene. We are active in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph, and Toronto scenes in particular, but are quite willing to travel for gigs. We also thoroughly enjoy supporting causes.


2006 Festival of Music, Peace, and Tranquility Compilation CD

Muffin Parfait NOW AVAILABLE! (e-mail for info)

Set List

We can play a two hour set of originals and covers.