Pinto Publico

Pinto Publico


We're a mixture of fuzz rock and blues music. The songs are straight to the point. Aggressive or soft as we see fit. We hope to just have a fun stage show that everyone can enjoy.


Pinto Publico has been years in the making. Grant and Greg met in high school and played in various bands by various names. They went through many different band members and are at a comfortable place with the Pinto Publico line up. Pinto Publico released their first album in 2007 and are now currently working at achieving a fan base and becoming as good as they can be.


Jellyfish Noise Factory (2007)

Set List

We usually play anywhere from 30 minute sets to 1 hour sets. We play primarily original material, but we play a Bob Dylan song (Outlaw Blues) that has become a staple in our set.