Pioneers West

Pioneers West

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

High fives, whisky and charged, swelling guitar play mix with the punk groove of the rhythm section. We take you on a journey with each song. Poignant lyrics and thoughtful allusions draw you to Luke's powerful vocals. Our shows are fun.


Matt Driscoll of the Weekly Volcano says: "Much as the name suggests, Pioneers West is a band forging new territory in Tacoma. An artistic and at times borderline experimental mix of indie rock sensibilities, punk edge and pop overtones, Pioneers West harnesses a sound that Larsen references as “Western doom.”"

Readers of Tacoma's Weekly Volcano have voted us Tacoma's "Best Indie Rock" band in 2010 & 2011.

We have played with Mt. Eerie, Colonies, The Fucking Eagles, Wheelies, Nomeansno, Helm's Alee, Lozen, Mico de Noche among many others.

Our music is informed by the following artists: Treepeople, Fugazi, Pinback, Juno, Modest Mouse, Steely Dan and Steve Winwood.


"Move West" LP released in 2010