Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream


All original alternative rock band. Pink Floyd meets Radiohead. We perform rock operas, and all of our songs connect to other songs like a musical spiderweb. Very theatrical in the vein of Queen, Prince, and U2. We use smoke, lazers, lights, projected images and video to enhance our live show.


We have been jamming in different permutations of the band for a couple years. Only recently have we decided to become serious and believe we have something worthwhile to say. We are influenced by theatre, philospohy, and art. We believe creativity is at the heart of our project.


One Life

Written By: V.

In one life I was a sailor,
That could not bear to see the sea.
My family saw me as a failure,

In one life, I was Vincent Van Gogh,
Born to paint the nightmare from inside my head.
You died one lifetime ago,
Came back as a tree I could see every night from my deathbed.

In one life, I murdered a man.
For taking what I loved from me.
The judge said, “Boy, your time is at hand.”
They draped me on the tree.

One life, I was a sailor,
The next time I was a painter,
The last time I was a killer,
All for you.
And I never even knew if you were true.

One life I was a butterfly.
You a baby bird too afraid to sing
I lived a month trying to touch the sky,
Then died the day you first spread your wings.

One way or another,
We may find each other.
I’ll be some sand on the beach,
You a breeze brought in off the sea.

One life, is all it would take,
To give all other lives perspective.
One night, if that’s all that we get.
Too make all the lies worth it.

What have I done?
Wasting my life on this illusion.
What have I done?
Have I gone to far?
Are you kneeling in first class,
while I'm stealing a car?
Were you only in my head?
What have I done?
Were you ever really dead?
Then why am I on the run?
What have I done?
What have I done?
Waking up, with this empty gun?


We have not yet gone into a proffesional studio to record. The recordings on the page were done at home.

Set List

We try not to do a lot of covers. However, we have a four hour set of "the classics" we could do, Tom Petty, Stones, STP, that sort of thing. We prefer to perform our originals, but will always rock out a cover if the crowd is into it.