Pipeline - Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

Pipeline - Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

 Chatham, New York, USA

There are countless duos in the world of Celtic music, but the duo Pipeline, almost defies the term. Seamlessly uniting the music of the Celtic worlds in their extended repertoire they feature extended, uninterrupted arrangements and the constant shifting of textures and sounds.


Time wise, songs are quite important for us, says Hyde. Youre trying to get a sense of history into it. My own opinion about it is that the music wasnt made by us really. Its been passed down from generation to generation, over a long, long period of time. And whilst people have been playing this music, events and things have been happening. So weve got to consider the period of time were taking over. In other words, when you learned a tune from your grandfather, it meant something to him. But he didnt have a recording apparatus to pass it on, so you learned it orally. Its part of the old literary tradition that our forebears grew up in, not just stories, but the music as well. And that was all over Ireland and Scotland. Dermot Hyde


kisses and kind eyes

Written By: Dermot Hyde

It’s easy to become jealous of a hero like the one we are involved with in this song. Johnny leaves, presumably to improve his own lot and the lot of his loved one left languishing over a lukewarm sausage-pot at home. Whatever kind of womanising, liquid-refreshment-supping or other sculduggery Johnny might become involved in while away, it all seems to play no great role. “Well bless my soul!”, I hear the envious listener growl, “How on earth do these fortunate Johnnies manage to get away with it?”

kisses and kind eyes

Dermot Hyde

I linger here alone, and heavy is my heart,
My darling’s far away and in some distant part,
Quiet be the night, and the hard winds do blow,
I’ll shed a quiet tear, he had for to go.

I’d embrace him now and kiss him where ‘ere he may be,
Want of work has led him far from me,
Many’s the yong man his loved one did deceive.

“Johnny! Oh Johnny, where do you lie tonight?
Rest you with a lassie, in her arms so bare and white?
Kisses and kind eyes when you did say goodbye,
I never would forgive you for the telling of a lie.”

My curse upon those damsels, they led him astray,
To women of ill fortune attentions he’d pay,
They’d break and mislead him, his fond heart to gain,
That sadly and sorely from me was ta’en.

I’m weary now and sorrow, my heart it does ache,
I fear the day before me, when the grey dawn does break,
Nighttimes when I would slumber, his young face I’d see,
The warmth of his shadow falls over me.

“Why ever do you weep?” A voice to me did say,
“Danger’s overcome, we will meet this very day.”
The sweet maid of Rossestown, let no man deny,
I rue the very day I bade you goodbye.


Pipeline - debut album 2003.

The 3 tracks provided fairly represent the variety of repetoire in a Pipeline performance. All 3 pieces were wriiten by Dermot except for the Malin Head tune which was written by his brother Brendan.

Set List

Over 70 % of Pipeline music was written by Dermot Hyde.