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The best kept secret in music


"Piper Kirk- Artist of the Month"

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June 2003

Who is 'Piper Kirk'?

I am every woman you see at the grocery store, barbeques, and PTA meetings. I am every woman who has been in love, heart broken, and jes' plain ole' broke. I'm a mommy, troubadour, lover, and all around mischief maker. I am a patriot, a Christian, and a crafter of the melodic art of language speaking for the all-American woman. (Lofty enough? Ya ask a Southern storyteller a question like that and you're bound to get a melodramatic answer!!!)

How and when did you get started writing and performing music?

Well, everybody's who has seen my site here on the "Ramp" understands that I was raised to be a daddy's girl. And my daddy was a "shoulda been" super star who held his family over his career. I guess he really supported me with his own dreams as he endorsed mine. At two years old he had me doing car commercials with him. A Methodist church in a coal mining town in Virginia and a nursing home were my first two venues. Dad had a little AM radio morning show from his Chevy dealership in Pennington Gap. He loved the community that provided our family's bread and butter. He was always eager to offer his efforts and of course, his music, to the community as that was his robustly ethical nature.

What inspirations do you draw from in your writing & performing? Who are some of your influences or musical 'heroes'?

I was taught that I was born with a talent and because of that I would always have a responsibility to my elders, peers, and community as a whole. We song crafters are mere street performers begging and tugging at the mercy of wide eyes and open ears. We stand vulnerable and captive before, yet indebted to, our own "captive audience." My father's principles awakened my muse early on and then poetry mixed with piano lessons brought forth the first song, "The Angel's Song."

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I sang in front of my mirror for hours with Sonny and Cher and that my brother had to guide me away from Disco by trading a Joni Mitchell album for my "Saturday Night Fever" 8-Track.(I was six, mind you!!) But I quickly tasted the difference. Joni, Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline and Tina Turner are just a few ladies that have held me at attention for over twenty years. But the gent's of the music industry who've opened my ears span as long a list: Elton John, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and of course the late and great RED KIRK! No doubt about it, my dad defined for me every aspect of this business. Yea, Red Kirk was and is my musical hero.

What are you currently working on?

I have the dream gig for any red blooded, American, musician. This summer my new management company, Hamptons Entertainment Group, has presented me with a summer full of National Anthems up and down the East Coast. Why, I'm gonna see some of the nation's greatest baseball plays of the year and meet a lot of fine folks to boot! And wouldn't it just be perfect that THIS all Americana woman LOVES BASEBALL...and UT football too!!!

I'm working on a sit-com pilot and I've a few local concerts up for the mid-summer during a home town festival. Fun-Fest of Kingsport, Tennessee, is a week-long party to celebrate the area's wide array of music makers and crafts of all kinds. The locals make way for the big dogs, though. Allison Kraus is our main stage this year. If ya'll ever plan to journey through the Tri-Cities of Upper East Tennessee, mid July is the time to do so.

Briefly, what are some of your thoughts on the current state of the music world, and where this industry is heading?

If there's anything I recognize, it's a man in mid-life crisis. And I think that's exactly where Nashville is right now. After spending the last three years traipsing that city, I've only met a handful of ladies who sit at the big desk. I think Nashville is making a huge mistake by hastening to the 17-24 year old female instead of tuning into the industry's wealthiest demographic, the 25-50 year old, married, soccer mom. (Radio Advertiser's Bureau stats here.) We ladies matching closer with the latter category are overlooked and without a voice. I think my mouth may be big enough for all of us, though!

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would love to see more women in the executive offices and hear more female artists (country and pop especially) sing honest songs. "Image enhancements" are the songs recorded by artists who are afraid of looking undesirable. But, hey, heart-ache and rejection are part of it, friends. Sometimes the crowd jes' gotta hear a sad song and cry. But we are starving for Loretta to croon a lonesome night or for Tammy to confess her need to forgive without judgment. Just because it's in a song doesn't make it right, but a song should require that it at least be real.

What would you say is the most important lesson you've learned in the music business that new artists should know?

Don't sign anything without an attorney. Get a manager. Don't lose your butterflies. Join Songramp.com, and most importantly, I've learned to never deny an autograph request; those people pay your light bill.

What do you hope this online community (SongRamp) will do for you and other members? What's your view on the internet in general as it relates to today's musicians?

Songramp has gone above and beyond my expectations. Webmasters and designers included, now; this amazing group of gourmets always musters for a new artist or a need. Songramp is the best the Net has to offer to budding and experienced songwriters. A quick tech answer, a critique, or a tip are always available to pro and free members alike. Not to mention the daily reality check that there's always somebody better.

My complaints about music on the net have transitioned to our government's newest brainstorm to connect pc's to the internet by utilizing a certain radio frequency which will most certainly interfere with short wave, broad band, and AM radio frequencies. The concept will pad a few pockets, mainly conservatives toward whom I tend to lean. However, I wonder what Rush Limbaugh will say when his radio programming is squelched by ISP's? Japan has already tried it and the interference was so great that the concept was quickly doomed. My brother, Chris Kirk with DishNet's SMN, is hot on this topic. (You knife collectors best be tunin' in now, ya hear?) We can't lose wave communications, folks. Its part of the freedom thing.

Any last thoughts?

I have so many thank you's to make, but right now I'll thank all my dear, new friends here at the "Ramp" by sayin'...HOO DE HOOOO! YA'LL FINALLY GOT THE BRIDESMAID MARRIED OFF TODAY! Kiss!


Congratulations to Piper! Visit Piper Kirk's homepage.

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Reader Submitted Opinions:
By: CiscoPike on 06/03/03
CONGRATULATIONS ...you deserve it so much.
By the way the best AOM interview to date and a really nice picture - guess you got everything to reach some stars in this ugly biz.
Well, I thought to know somethin? about `The Fool & The Redheaded Lady` but perhaps I have to reconsider...
- Cisco
By: havlicek on 06/03/03
PK, after a couple of nail-biters...you made it, whew!!! Enjoy the well-deserved attention. No doubt a whole bunch of new people will be heading over to your page and they're in for a treat!


By: grahamhenderson on 06/03/03
Good on ya Kid. Had to happen. Didn't happen on its own though. You being so darn good had a lot to do with it.

By: ronbo27 on 06/03/03
Only a matter of time before you break through to the "show"--love your talent and your convictions--so pleased you`re the bride. Ya gotta believe!

By: DavidVanKleeck on 06/03/03
Congratulations to a true Lady and very talented singer/songwriter from all your fans in the Arizona camp! Beautiful picture, I agree with Cisco also about the Interview. Obviously it is time for your voice to be heard for you truly have something of value to say, not to mention the brass it takes to say it! Enjoy! Live Long and Prosper! May the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back! Most of all, we wish you Peace, true happiness and the opportunity to live your dream!
Peace Love and Huggs!
Dave & Callie, and EVERYONE in your fan club here in the Great Southwest!

By: izdawnie on 06/03/03
Not only does she deserve the praise for her hard work, She also deserves many accolates for her personality. Piper is one of the sweetest LADIES I have met. I know she is going to go far. G/F keep on believing, and never give up your faith, or your high spiritness. Am very proud of ya.... Big Hugssssss

By: merrilymccarthy on 06/03/03
That is the way to Da-Dude it up! Congratulations Piper! I could feel it coming your way. You certainly deserve it! You are all that and a bag of chips!

By: lucywebster on 06/04/03
Congrats sugar babe!!! I'm grining ear to ear for ya : )) From one TN gal to another ALL THE BEST Piper!!!

By: ChapmanJames on 06/04/03
Best AOM interview by far... introspective, inciteful and entertaining. Piper I am impressed with more than your music.

By: izdawnie on 06/05/03
I think we all ought to throw this chick a party and make her sing for us alllllllllllll night.......

By: GregRoz on 06/06/03
Congrats on a well deserved AOM. You are definitely one of the most talented artists here and anywhere else for that matter. You have spunk and personality to match and I wish you only the best in all your future endeavors. Thanks for being such a strong part of this community and most of all for just being yourself! :):):):)

P.S. Great interview!

By: Sterling_Gage on 06/06/03
Alright!!! Way to go Piper!! All that hard work has paid off well for ya thus far. Things only get better in the adventure. You have great music and great talent. Keep pluggin' away. This is only the tip of what you so deserve! Keep up the good work and again, congratulations!


By: Retha on 06/07/03
Hi Piper!! Well I told you i was slow getting finding my way around on this songramp!! I'm really glad i finally made it here to see and read about you!!! What can i say??? You have it all!! I wish you the very best of luck! I'm sure you have plenty of songs, but if you ever need one, look me up. We have a barn full!! I'd be proud to hear you sing any of them. Great picture on here too!! Best wishes and God Bless you! Your friend, Retha

By: MikeDunbar on 06/08/03

Congratulations! It's about time. Your songs are at least as good and mostly better than anything on country radio.

By: mokauffey on 06/09/03
Hey Piper, Congratulations to you gal! You've made it to this rung, keep on climbing. Mo'

By: Novemberlady1 on 06/11/03
This lady has the the most wonderful voice and I bet she soars.

By: piperkirk on 06/13/03 [Delete]
I really was trying to thank each one of you guys individually, as every of you, for months, has offered to me your critiques and kindness. But I'm terrified I may have missed someone. So I'll take this forum on the last week before we begin new nominations for July to say THANK YOU!!! All of you, songwriters and web-heads alike, with your supportive words, are responsible for my schedule becomming very busy. Also, I thank every contributing member of the "Ramp" for keeping me in check. From so much talent springs great inspiration.....and humility. Peace, P



yes, but info TBA


Feeling a bit camera shy


Piper Kirk says her 1950's songwriter/artist father, the late Red Kirk, gave her a stage name at birth. However, she said that although his every moment spent with her was always a "coaching" session, he still occasionally would warn her of the "biz" and, with one eye closed, he would mutter the words "pharmacy school." But his love for classic country, classic jazz, classic hillbilly, and entertainment overall was a regular menu in the household. She says, "I had to learn to 'cook what I liked, 'cause no other women were cookin' it. The best recipes died with artists like Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, Tammy Wynette, and Ella Fitzgerald." But even after becoming a wife and mommy, Piper says her dad became more confident. "Well, babe, you are now the very woman who buys the music. Write for her. You're a good friend to a lot of women. They need to hear you sing what’s on their minds."

So, after a few fruitless years with a Nashville agent who peddled her music to other artists, and three years after her beloved father's death, Piper Kirk signed as an independent artist with an indeed agcy, Hamptons Net. Group of NY. Her music was so eclectic in style that her new mgr, and CEO of HEG Ray Los, insisted she market herself as an Americana solo artist. "I was still in that safety zone, though," she says. "I was only working on some themes for films and new artist releases. But then Ray said the word ‘tour!’ It liked to have scared me to death.”

It was time to commit to a band. And as quickly as it was miraculous, Piper says, “I put an add up on a local music site and wound up with three metal heads who were looking to open their field of music crafting. They liked the idea of protesting Nashville’s biased and sex based industry, and somehow we mixed our flavors together to define our own version of Americana. We look weird but we were instant family. A pretty good selective pool of America’s favorite classic genres.”