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An Italian four piece clearly in thrall to the likes of Doves, Elbow, Oasis and the like; Pipers specialise in introspective indie rock judging by the songs on debut release 1/2 PENNY MARVEL.
The acoustic opener TONIGHT GOODBYE is a slice of downbeat pop that finds the band playing those Doves and Elbow references for all their worth; a gloriously stripped back and tender affair that sees Pipers wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The more energised CATCH ME! finds Pipers turning up the guitars and cranking up the attitude; a song reminiscent of Embrace at their One Big Family era best; whilst HAVE A SMILE is another downbeat affair, one with echoes of The Cure and Echo And The Bunnymen at its heart, Pipers once again proving themselves a band capable of tenderness and lovelorn intensity.
With 1/2 PENNY MARVEL, Pipers have delivered three songs well worth investigating; they may not be the most original or unique of new bands, but for heart on the sleeve emotion and crooning indie loveliness, are an outfit you can believe in.

- Ukmusicreview

Italian sensations Pipers were formed in Naples, but astoundingly they have only been together for 7 months. With some demo's recorded they have shown us what they are about and what they plan to achieve.
The four piece has a multi purpose artillery room, feature the likes of the scuzz rock number Catch Me. Which has electro tones, but it would require a specific producer to turn this demo into a masterpiece. Pipers also have a piano driven, melodic tune named Just To Try in their repertoire which delivers a nice contrast. Although Pipers can speed up the pace in a song, they also know how to slow it down.

With a UK tour on the cards hopefully very soon, Pipers will be looking to cross promote their blend of indie rock to the masses.

- Unearthed Treasures

As per usual whilst browsing the vastness of Myspace, I was contacted, dare I say, bombarded with messages from Pipers vocalist, Stephano, to give them a listen and if possible some airplay, sure enough I did and i`m now really glad he did keep up the messaging! As yet again I think we`ve just happened to stumble upon another candidate for the "Next Big Thing!"

The Italian quartet of Stephano (Vocals & Guitar, Piano & Organ), Jube (Backing Vocals & Guitar), Stephano B. (Bass) & Marco (Backing Vocals & Drums) formed in Naples in 2006 and have just recently recorded and released their first 4 track e.p, "Half Penny Marvel", which has been described as Indie meets Brit Rock. The guys have been busy touring clubs & venues and made a few appearances in festivals in Italy and have been busy in the recording side with "Brilliant Lights", heading for a new compilation and they`re in the studio now working on their own debut album. When asked about Pipers as a band name they replied, "We liked the sound of the word and thought it could be perfect for us. It smells like an old and fascinating mood", no harm in reminiscing is there?

Stephano has gladly sent me two tracks to review, the first being, "Tonight Goodbye", a modern melodramatic laid back Indie experience ensued by thoughts of the likes of Richard Ashcroft,Keane & Coldplay amongst others with a slight hint of Smashing Pumpkins, a great melody with superb organ work with guitar hooks aplenty, will be liked by the Indie crowd and those Mods of the modern persuasion. And it`s available now on the Matchbox compilation, "The Big Indie Comeback vol 3", a fantastic tune! Infact it`s been on the main stream for less than a week and is already a Mod Radio UK Top 20 track! The second track offered up is, "Brilliant Lights", yet another laid back indie stormer, Vocally it`s hard to believe these guys are Italian, they`d fit right into the Indie scene here just perfectly! I`m picking up a 60`s, Lennon & McCartney vibe to this one but still holds that sharp modern edge to the gentle melodic flow. Definately both outstanding tracks from the new Italian cool!

Talking of their future debut album the guys explain, "We're currently working on our debut album, it will be a great emotional indiepop and folk'n'roll record. We believe a melody is still the most important thing!", bring it on guys! Their e.p, "Half Penny Marvel", is available now from the myspace website above for you all to enjoy!

Download.com said, "Pipers are a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure indeed"
Matchbox Radio 24 said, "Epic Indie Soundscapes"
Mod Radio UK says, "Modern Melodramatic Italian Cool! Snap It Up Now Cos It`s Piping Hot!"
- Mod Radio Uk

This Italian fourpiece from Naples would sound more at home amidst the crumbling relics of Britannica. Enamored of all thing Britpop, these boys know their off-kilter, tuneful pop.

Yet there’s no giddy, Blur-infused melodies here. Instead, the debt is more classically skewed, with a keen eye towards The Beatles and Oasis alike. Opener 'Tonight Goodbye' is the most obvious link, sounding like a melancholic George Harrison solo track, if perhaps slightly lacking in majesty. Think Doves spliced with The Beatles and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

'Catch Me' is the most joyful the band gets, and it’s a true success, like a drugged-up Oasis lost in a daze of confusion. Instantly catchy and never cloying, “Catch Me” is a single in the making. While 'Have a Smile' is perhaps a dash too Richard Aschroft for anyone’s good, the Liam Gallagher vocals provide an easy redemption. These Italian boys may be a bit morose occasionally, but there’s plenty of time for them to discover la dolce vita.
- God Is In The Tv Zine

After the flop that was New Orders last Lp, I was sure this must have been the good tracks they had written and discarded. The Ep “1/2 Penny Marvel” is 3 tracks of electro brit pop with awesome melodies and uncluttered arrangements. The most surprising thing about this release is that the guys singing aren’t from Manchester (think Doves, New Order, Oasis) or even the U.K! This is actually an Italian release, from the city of Naples to be in fact. Having only been together since may this year, this is a very strong independent release with three perfect tracks of indie-pop. Opening with track Tonight Goodbye , Which starts of reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins track Tonite Tonite they quickly display their talents for melody and song structure. The second track Catch Me is simply awesome. A track that would have everyone thinking that New Order was the most influential band ever to walk the earth. This is not a bad thing however as I prefer this track over 90% of the work New Order ever did (And I am a fan of their work). Finishing off this E.p. with Oasis influenced Have A Smile lets you really hear the vocals behind this project. I think part of the reason their material work so well is that their accents are much more neutral than anything the Gallagher brothers could manage. With it’s Cure-y blips this track is a great finisher to the EP. This is definitely a new favorite of mine.
–Scott Gelston
- The Buzz Magazine

This Italian four – piece formed in May 2006, their style of music can clearly be compared to the likes of The Beatles, Oasis, Elbow and the Doves. But, at the same time there is a clear and distinctive sound only they could create. You can hear the love for the British sound, but they do well to create something that sounds original at the same time.

Opener Tonight Goodbye begins in sweet melodic paces, the wiry guitars crashing against the drums has a dream like feel, the vocals give off a psychedelic feel that overflows like a unexpected surprise, but none the less, lovely to hear. This band work well together, nothing is over done or over shadowed by the other, everything is just right. I love the different mixes of sounds in this one, it's quite appealing.

Catch me is next in with a jaggier, poppy beat. The distorted vocals give the song a wicked edge and make it that much more appealing to the ears. You instantly want to get up and move, the sound flows really well, and everyone plays off the other brilliantly. It's filled with infectious melodies, stabbing guitar riffs, uncluttered arrangements and distinctive vocals. A very strong and appealing song, I really like it!

Following on is Have a Smile which makes a return to the more slower drawn out paces the band do so well. The melodies blend really well and bring a certain feel to the song that gives great atmosphere. The chorus is really catchy and does well to keep your attention. They touch on having a really good British sound, while at the same time giving it a certain flavour with their lovely Italian accents peeping out from time to time.

Last up here is Just Try which is lead in with some stunning piano playing that really brings a soothing peace to the arrangement. The vocals carry the tune well and bring across the emotion of the words of the song really well, the background clashes of symbols gives it almost a majestic feel, like your floating above the world protected by the clouds in the sky. Everything here is simply perfect, I wouldn't change anything about this piece, and they've achieved their ultimate sound here and captured everything they wanted to say. I could listen to this one quite a lot and not ever be tired of those gorgeous piano strokes.

I think this is a very strong effort with some really solid tracks for listeners to delve into. They have the fact that their something new and different on their side and that will make them appealing to most people. I think they should add some louder faster tracks to balance everything out and they will be well on their way to make a splash in the UK.

Kizzy H.

- Infusedzine

"On listening to this, you’d be hard pressed to guess these boys hail from Naples Italy, and not some small town in the UK...it’s pure Brit pop in the best possible sense of the phrase. And while that may not make for much Italian roots music, it does mean that Pipers have real international appeal.
Guillemots meet a darker Coldplay, epic Indie soundscapes" - Dave Chislett for Matchbox Radio 24


Just some self released demos. We finished to record the debut album. This will be ready in early October. Tonight Goodbye, Catch Me and Just To Try had radio airplay in Uk, Germany and Switzerland tough.



Pipers are an Italian four piece act. Not a particular reason to choose this name, it’s just about the way it sounds, simple and fascinating. Easy to keep in mind. They formed in late 2006 and recorded a demo pretty quickly. English, Italian and Australian magazines reviewed the stuff and they all were enthusiastic.
In early 2007 Matchbox Recordings chose the song Tonight Goodbye for the double compilation The Big Indie Comeback vol 3, with the best of the new indie scene all over the world.
In late 2007 they were chosen as FEATURED ARTIST on XFM MANCHESTER, thanks to CLINT BOON from Inspiral Carpets who played their song on radio. In the middle of this, a lot of gigs, rehearsals and festivals. And, what matters most, some great songs.

2008 seems to be a pretty good year for Pipers.
In FEBRUARY they supported THE CHARLATANS in Milan for their unique Italian show.
In APRIL they came back to Milan as IAN BROWN'S SUPPORT ACT.
In late MAY Pipers joined SOUND CITY 2008, playing in LIVERPOOL and having a fantastic time.
After two months they're back in Liverpool for some shows on the Streetwaves stage at MATHEW STREET FESTIVAL and CREAMFIELDS.
They also recorded a brand new track at Elevator Studios: the song is called PHOTOGRAPH and it's gonna be featured on the Streetwaves compilation.

Pipers just set to work on making a great and emotional record so you’d better keep an eye on them.
In the meantime you can listen to some new stuff just here on myspace.
Pipers believe the perfect pop song is still the most important achievement.