Piranha Culture

Piranha Culture

 Austin, Texas, USA

Piranha Culture's sound infuses sci.-fi./electro-industrial sounds with a sinister renegade-pop edge. Keeping just enough distortion guitar,(very machined/chopped) to make any rocker dance!! Entwined female vocals that transcend traditional expectations usually associated with this musical style.


Piranha Culture as a band name , has nothing to do with fish. We are describing more of our selves in metaphor, and the nature of our journey, and the possibilities of what we should be. Even in industrial music we are endeavoring to be a unique hybrid of influences outside the confines of our purist industrial predecessors . Not that we don't love and worship our fore fathers of this style of music, but that we would like to see to its survival. A face-lifted-rebirth launched onto a new generation. Who wish to dance, revel, and celebrate to a music that lets them feel like the future is now!! In a dark sci-fi kinda way. Yeah, we are an embrionic culture.We are growing, developing. When we are finally born/exposed, we will be ready to devour the nation!! Will you , could you, aid in the progress of our gestation?!! Yeah, spread the PiranhaCulture!!


Autoerotic Asphixiation

Written By: (K.J.M.)/Lily Crymsin

Burning isolation from lights remove
my eyes are fixated apon the moon
such a funny feeling comes to assume
my own benediction depends on you.

And it's my life on the wall, hoped you'd have a ball. Stripped my defense bare, so I don't go, won't go anywhere.

It's a matter of fun.
Auto asphixiation.


one album written, not released, nit -picking production. Writting material for second album. stockpileing material . we want to be prepared for the next level .

Set List

We would usually do about nine songs and a couple of covers. there are some theatrical segways in between the songs. We like to keep talking to the audience at a min. Not like those bands that take a half hour telling an anecdote while the guitarist re-tunes on stage!! We just talk enough. Some mystery is good . We like to do a show of non-stop sound. Usually ranges between 50 and 55 min. If we are allowed that long!! Most of the time there are other bands before, and /or after us.