Birthed of the music love-child machine of CH/Durham, Pistil wants to pollinate every ear with fun & passion. Songs hit social issues and of course, love + heartbreak. A punky alternating girl/boy band (depends who's in drag), Pistil is genetically engineered to appeal to the nerd and rocker alike!


Birthed out of the musical love-child machine that is Chapel Hill-Durham NC, Pistil is itching and sneezing to entertain. Formed in mid 2007 as an all female group, Pistil aimed mainly to promote fun feminist ideals and wear costumes--not necessarily in that order.

Then they got all 'serious' about writing music and stuff and started churning out the tunes on social issues like the environment, gender, and the good ol' patriarchy, along with loss and love and other odds and ends they tend to get all uppity about.

The anatomy of Pistil is comprised of three sections: Annestar on guitar, MegEli on bass, and Ian the Terrible on drums and guitar. Together, their tunes blossom as frantic and refreshing as spring fever. Pistil is committed to pollinating change and sprouting fun in every ear it can reach.

A fun, punk-inspired part-time girl band, part-time boy band (depending on who's in drag) genetically engineered to simultaneously appeal to the nerd and rocker alike!


We have not released any CDs yet. Samples of our live music are on our myspace page, www.pistiltheband.com

Set List

Our set is currently 45-50 minutes with 10 songs.

Set list:

Beans and Rice
Good Man
Mouse and Monster
Love is a Drug
I Gave My Fishnets to Jesus
Unchained Melodrama