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Januar 2011 - Grimme mennesker får også børn - single mp3 download
June 2011 - Bagage kontrol - vinyl album & mp3 download



From supporter to solo breakaway

Troels Alsted - aka Pistol - has as a sound engineer helped to shape music recordings of several stars. Now he leaves the supporter box and goes solo with an album that has learned from both Gasolin' and CV Jorgensen - and from the better part of 90's Britpop.

"It's been a liberating experience with my Pistol project finally to be able to determine the cadence and direction," says Troels Alsted.
He has been the facilitator as a sound engineer on albums by such D-A-D, Mike Tramp, Mew, Saybia, C.V. Jorgensen and Super Heroes.
Troels Alsted have previously had to bow to team spirit and compromises britrock band Eurecha and in the internationally released the hard rock band, Pigswear. But with "Baggage control" about the Danish songwriter sets out on his own. And he admits that he is transporting overweight in the career baggage.
The debut solo album out bravely grappled with unwrapped reflections on life. The ten songs expose a man who takes stock of his history and development / settlement. The songs are images of change - or desire for change. About unfortunate pattern that repeats itself. Of hope and hopelessness, inferiority, meanness and unreserved joy.
A sincere wrestling with life's cursed ambivalence, which provides both knocks and hug.

The lyrical directness nods appreciatively to Gasolin'. A Danish national band that still looms large in Danish debutants. Probably because the group called things by using their proper name and shout it out loudly and cheerfully. This is where the pistol has learned something about folk rock / pop lyrics with heart. Unlike quartz-intellectual snob poetry dedicated to the academic elite. According to Troels Alsted the Pistol lyrics are written from the motto: "if I feel it, there are probably others who feel it too"

The music takes no unnecessary detours. Here are simple pop songs without too many chords and performed in simple events. With the aim that the music is not shadowing the texts with timbral overkill. As the mortar between music and lyrics Troels Alsted use an equally measured acoustic and electronic sound universe. Electro-sounds are from the harsh end of the aural palette to highlight the raw confessional tone, and are painted with sound, as also heard on danish C.V. Jorgensen's latest album.

Production is an independent Pistol work from beginning to end.
But with help from several good musical friends - without whom ...
Lise Steffensen has given it as a sparring partner for the lyrics and weeded out language flowers and navlepilleri.

Anders H. Mortensen has been editor in the musical department. Anders owns and operates, together with Troels Alsted, Echo Studio in Copenhagen, where most of the music is recorded. Two other music specialists have also made their mark on the final product. One is vocal-producer Maz K, which have captured the lead vocals. The other is Jens Benz (formerly Power Solo), who plays drums on the entire album, which breathes life into songs with her lovely organic game.
At choir sings Anders H. Mortensen and Thomas Ulrik Larsen (Lysår). Some guests have also crept in: Michael Klinke (harmonica), Anders Stigsgaard (trombone), Peter Peter ("prog-flute") and Peter Kyed on electronic treatments.

6 shots from the pistol

1. Pistols founder and songwriter, Troels Alsted are trained sound engineer by Flemming (Mr. Metallica) Rasmussen in Sweet Silence Studio. Troels has well over 40 albums on his resume.

2. Troels Alsted has recorded with names such as Caspar David, (((S))), Self Loading, Light year, D: A: D Mew, Saybia, CV Jørgensen, Super Heroes, Lotte Andersen, Steve Lukather, Angu, Mike Tramp, Brett Perkins, Peter Peter , The Bleeder Group and many more.

3. Troels Alsted has previously played with britrock band Eurecha and hard rock band, Pigswear that were released internationally.

4. Troels swung first Pistol live on 29 May 2010 and has since been noticed in many of its venues. Pistol has to date appeared nearly 40 gigs around Denmark.

5. Peter Peter, one of the guests on "Baggage check", refused categorically to play guitar on the song "Ugly people also have children" because the number was too pop and joyful. Instead he suggested playing "prog-flute" (progressive block flute). It must be heard!

6. The mustache IS Troels' own, and it is grown without artificial aids. Is the ideal of a general from the Civil War? Excellent guess!