The Who and Tom Petty had a baby that was raised in the south. Just catchy tunes that you can watch girls dance to.


They build their own amps, they record voraciously, and they are true students of rock and roll. They are Pistolero.
Playing a style of music that can only be described as New American Rock, Pistolero can be compared to Spoon, Wilco, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with a touch of The Who thrown in for good measure. While the influences are many, the music is easily accessible. You don’t have to be cooler than Pitchfork to like the style or have a PHD in physics to follow the melody. Its just music that’s easy to listen to, yet growing more complex upon each listen.
With five releases in the past two years, including the new concept EP “Getting Used to Decapitation”, this 5 piece has proven that the music in your head can’t be allowed to stay there. Critical praise has been lavished on past releases and the trend looks to continue. Moving easily from a rockin’ summer love song drenched in Atlanta heat and humidity to an acoustic lullaby for the dead, Pistolero shows their versatility and song writing prowess.
After years of playing second hand amps and struggling to find that perfect sound, Pistolero started building their own equipment. Arthur Amps was started in early 2006 to facilitate this need. Building off the blueprints of amps like the Fender black face or a Sound City combo, guitarist and chief technician Tom Pollard has lead Pistolero toward their own personalized sound for each member.
In addition to playing Atlanta clubs, Pistolero has graced the stages of numerous clubs from New York City to Wilmington, NC.
Pistolero has been the host band on Channel Zero - Atlanta’s only Music Video Show - where their single “Endless Summer” was featured. They have also been featured on WRAS 88.5 FM’s “Georgia Music Show, and had a spotlight segment on the nationally televised Mav Music (Mav TV). Pistolero was recently invited by Creative Loafing to play the 2007 SoCo Music Experience at Centennial Olympic Park with Wolfmother.


There Goes the Neighborhood - EP released June 2005
The Last Fiore - Super EP released July 2006
Pistolero: Live @ ISP - EP Released December 2006
The Kissing Bandit - EP released January 2007
Getting Used to Decapitation - EP Released October 2007
Warface - Full Length - Releasing March 14th, 2009

Set List

The typical set list....
10-15 songs
35-50 minutes
Get in there...blow people away...get out.
That's how we do it.

We have about 60 songs in the mix that we rotate around. New set every night. More fun that way.