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DEMO OF THE MONTH PISTOL KIXX “There is nothing clever about our music”, state Pistol Kixx bluntly, and they’re not wrong. But let’s be honest, which would you rather sit through, a three-hour lecture on quantum physics or a sci-fi blockbuster packed with heavily-armed spaceships, exploding cyborgs and scantily-clad futuristic freedom fighters? If you go for the first option, you’re reading the wrong bloody magazine. Anyway, Pistol Kixx: they cite New York Dolls, Ramones and Nashville Pussy as primary influences and have a guitarist called Sober Dave who is also the singer in local hardcore monsters Thirty Two and who is doubtless ironically named. Musically each of the four tracks here are pretty much interchangeable: straight-downthe-line rockaboogie thrash that sounds like Motörhead in Mid-West trucker mode. Roadhouse blues gets a hairy metal makeover and it’s down with that bottle of JD and off down the freeway til dawn. `Wild West’ would make a decent soundtrack to a saloon bar brawl, while `Rock’n’roll Trash Queen’ is so unreconstructed you can almost hear it scraping its knuckles along the ground. It doesn’t matter much that the whole thing is a living, breathing clicheì. “Hopefully it’s as much fun to drink to as it is to play,” continues the accompanying scrawled letter. Absolutely. We’re off to the spirits cupboard right now.
- NIGHTSHIFT- Oxford (march 2008)

"Demo review- Nightshift"

This month’s obligatory….well, Pistol Kixx
demo. Since this
is their third offering in the
last few months. In fact this demo
was recorded at Keynote Studios as the band’s
prize for winning Demo Of
The Month earlier in the year. These blokes don’t mess about,you
know: “Recorded with the help of cheap
booze”, shouts their scrawled
letter. “More of the same!” it pronounces, and they ain’t
wrong. But then why fix what ain’t broke?
What’s broke, by the way, is probably all
the furniture in the studio and anything else that
isn’t made of concrete or girders. So
anyway,`Backdoor Beauty’ is a simple Oi! punk
thrash fronted by a gruff
B&H rasp, while `City Sniff’ is, well,
more of the same. Two songs,
five minutes, wham bang thank you mam.
They won an entire day’s recording for that
previous Demo Of The Month so to come out with five minutes of music suggests the
cheap booze took up most of the
time. Admirable behaviour in every respect.
People take notice: this is
how proper rock bands
should sound and
behave. - Nightshift October 2008


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