"...this group engaged the audience with charming stories and elicited a fair amount of giggles and whispers from adoring female fans." -Today's Local News


PitchLaRooche is an up and coming San Diego North County Band which started three years ago in a friend’s Escondido garage. With only two of it’s original existing members, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jonathan Pitcher (19 yrs) and his brother, bass player, Levi Pitcher (16 yrs), PitchLaRooche moves forward. Although the band has endured many growing pains in the past they have now settled into their own. With the addition in February 2004 of Albanian concert cellist Erdis Maxhelaku, (24 yrs), PitchLaRooche discovered it’s depth and dimension. Now with newly added drummer Danny Green (19yrs.) the band is energized and taking the lead!

PitchLaRooche is now releasing their self produced first full length CD entitled “Love Song for No One”. Every song on this CD is different in style and stands alone. With acoustic, rock, jazz, and pop influences the band has self titled their genre “eclectic rock”.

The band’s name always seems to be a topic of discussion, although it really doesn’t mean anything. The first part “pitch” is derived from the names of the two brothers and “larooche” is just a made up word that started with the original drummer and just stuck. Although no one ever seems to be able to read it, spell it or pronounce it; the band finds security in knowing that they will never have to change their name because another band had it first.

Although PitchLaRooche would love to expand with keyboards, female vocals and maybe even horns one day, they are content today in knowing who they are right now.



Written By: Jonathan Pitcher

tell me what 2 say 2 u
tell me what do i do 2 get through
its like a stone wall around ur heart
& im sorry now its all my fault

look what ive done
look what i did
it seems like a lonely road ahead
u hear what i said
u c what i meant
i dont think the sun will shine again

u r beautiful thats what u r
u r everything 2 me everything & more
im reluctant 2 discuss the things i say 2 u
i take back what i said o no look what i did 2 u

a picture paints a 1000 words
& i said 1
u said its over now
its like a dot of paint upon a board
& u get angry
now u hate the world
o no no dont go away


Written By: Jonathan Pitcher

the rain drops fall on my head
but i wont move again
the invincible cliff begins 2 end
& i will fall until u call

dont runaway just yet
dont runaway u wont live

the silence turns into the noise
so i cant hear ur voice
the feet step softly in the rain
its not me ur 2 blame

Hood-Dead Eyes

Written By: Jonathan Pitcher

hood-dead eyes i begin 2 cry
dont know what i had 2 do inside
loved u so much but i dont know y
now all i want 2 do is die

& i loved u once before
ur smile changed me & opened up my door
& i loved u once before
ur smile changed me & softened up my core
dont ever let it fade away

hood dead eyes u look so wise
making everybody hypnotized
i could never c through ur lies
now im starting 2 realize

its not impossible 2 b
everything u want 2 b
just dont forget me
when ur all alone &
when u need me the most


Love Song for No One (2005)- self produced
Hit Single, "Reluctant", performed live on local TV News and played on various college radio stations regionally, with video in the making.

Set List

enough original material for 60 minutes

and enough cover material for another 60 minutes

cover songs:
Drive- Incubus
Blvd of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
Love Song- 311/The Cure
The Devil is Bad- The W's
You an Me- Lifehouse
Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
Amazing- Josh Kelley
Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
Jesus is Just Alright- Doobie Brothers
Times Like These- Foo Fighters
One Thing- Finger Eleven
1985- Bowling For Soup
On the way Down- Ryan Cabrera
Walking on the Sun- Smash Mouth