Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Rocking House-Pop on electronic basics: smart and naive at once, exotic by nature, freshly grooving - impetuous.


Two pale boys and a Japanese chica have shaken up Electro Disco Rock basically within the last 7 years, live as well as on their album releases "Flight Up The Winding Stairs" (2002), "Spiny Lure" (2004), and "Riding The Fire" (2008).

"Riding The Fire" - the magic third - was partly produced by Berliner Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Mediengruppe Telekommander etc.). It presents this genre crossing band on their highest stage in kind of a pop mold. They got hot Disco Rock tracks such as Supersonic Ride on it, they refined feelings for dance beats (Dance!!!, Kill Me), and finally found the right chemicals to tie 11 tracks to a homogeneous work honestly being called album. "Riding The Fire" truly bears the ideological depth in its name. This band never has surrendered to newest hypes such as New Rave and its followers. Moreover, they stepped, ran, flew their own way.

Since 2008 Pitchtuner show up in two different disguises: the band as known trio and the duo version. Distinguishing from the band show, Pitchtuner duo focuses on tracks and a whole dance set at once, on which they perform playful and live. On visible side the duo plays with self built midi guitars, controls computers and samplers mainly that way. Looks very unique & fancy, sounds funky and nifty.

Pitchtuner have played about 500 club and festival shows (see excerpt below) and opened on tour for bands such as
Soulwax, Goose, Peaches.

Media say:
(Fake 2.0, US, 2008) "They not only look good, they are even better!"

(Logo Magazine, UK, 2004): "This Berlin-based, German/Japanese trio approach your ears from a direction slightly to the left of that used by Scissor Sisters. The sounds of the seventies are here, but the touchstones are far more obscure: for Elton John substitute The Carpenters in lightbulb suits; for The Bee Gees insert Georgio Moroder directing Sarah Brightman and her starship troopers. Like Basement Jaxx gone J-Pop, or Belouis Some rifling through..."

Important shows played:
2004 & 2006 MELT! Festival (DE)
2004 SonneMondSterne Festival (DE)
2004 Sziget Festival (HU)
2005 10 Days Off Festival (BE)
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Noordlanding(Paradiso) (NL)
2005 Popkomm (DE)
2008 Berlin Festival (DE)
2009 De Nachten Festival (BE)
2010 Immergut Festival (DE)
2010 Expo Shanghai (CN)
2010 Hanghzou - Rock Festival (CN)
2010 Tokyo - Fuji Rock (JP)
2011 Singapore - Music Matters (SP)


Gold Ray

Written By: Miki Yoshimura

There is something like a ....
there is some flashing ray
there is something flashing

why is it so high and glittering? Oder such a glitter.

Don't you think, so charming and attracting?
Don't you think such a charm and attracting?


It's Time To (Maxi CD, Doxa Records 2002)
Flight Up The Winding Stairs (CD, Doxa Records 2002)
Wanton Fever (12"Maxi, Doxa Records 2003)
Spiny Lure (CD, Doxa Records 2004)
Flic Flac (12"Maxi, Doxa Records 2005)
Riding The Fire (CD, Doxa Records 2008)
Reversely Wise (digital maxi, Pitchtuner 2011)
new album (CD, scheduled for Sep 2011)

Set List

Pitchtuner (http://www.doxa.de/sound/01_Pitchtuner.mp3)
Kille Me (http://www.doxa.de/sound/02_KillMe.mp3)
Supersonic Ride (http://www.doxa.de/sound/03_Supersonic.mp3)
Dance !!! (http://www.doxa.de/sound/04_Dance.mp3)
Raindrops (http://doxa.de/sound/05_Raindrops.mp3)
The Tape (http://doxa.de/sound/06_TheTape.mp3
I Believe, Balmy Fraction, Wanton Fever, Thieves In The Night, Raff Kaff
Set Length: (min 35 min) - ideal 60min up to 90 min