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It's Time To (Maxi CD, Doxa Records 2002)
Flight Up The Winding Stairs (CD, Doxa Records 2002)
Wanton Fever (12"Maxi, Doxa Records 2003)
Spiny Lure (CD, Doxa Records 2004)
Flic Flac (12"Maxi, Doxa Records 2005)
Riding The Fire (Doxa Records 2008)
Riding The Fire (japanese Version with Das Pop RMX, Binyl Rec. 2010)




The History of Pitchtuner starts with a mix tape. When Miki Yoshimura on her stop by in Germany saw a show of J. Marx's former band Planet 9, she asked him for a tape of his music afterwards. Planet 9 only released on vinyl, so they had to make an appointment to make things happen. And things did happen! Shortly after, they formed Pitchtuner and since then started touring through more than half of Europe, Japan and China, released three Albums so far and ruined several cars and tour busses.


This band is pretty indie yet a hundred percent dance floor compatible which is actually rather heterogeneous to each other. But, honestly, they have found the narrow path to dance on the peak without losing any credibility. Four to the Floor hits the kick under live played bass lines, ridden by dribbling funky guitars. Rocking Pop on electronic basics: smart and naive at the same time, exotic by nature, freshly grooving - giving the right impetus for the day.
The band's name Pitchtuner is a machine, that perfectly adjusts itself to humans, in this case the musicians. It's not: 'We are the robots' (Kraftwerk), it's: 'The robots are us' (Pitchtuner). Since the beginning, Pitchtuner is searching for the perfect way to get together with the sequencers, explore the infinite sound scapes of the electronic sound universe and combine it with the liveliness of guitars, unexpected changes and intuitive twists. Since J. Marx started building his own instruments, controllers and music software, they get closer and closer to their big goal.


Pitchtuner's third album 'Riding The Fire' partly produced by Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Mediengruppe Telekommander etc.) presents the band on their highest stage. They got hot Disco Rock tracks such as Supersonic Ride on it, they reified feelings for dance beats (Dance!!!, Kill Me) and finally found the right chemicals to tie 11 tracks to a homogeneous work that truly can be called album.
Right now, Pitchtuner is working on their fourth album, which will be more club oriented again. They experiment with their self designed instruments and focus on getting the club tracks performed in a Pitchtuner dignifying manner. So far they are doing well and got their appreciations from bands like Soulwax / 2 Many DJs / Das Pop / Goose / Peaches and best of all from the hundreds of infected listeners, raving with them on the dance floors all over the world. An american fashion magazine (Fake 2.0) got it to the point: „They not only look good, they are even better!“