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Pitch Union's music has been refining itself for three years and it continually amazes and entrances their audiences. Their music falls into the category of Heavy Rock Alternative, however, the music has developed a strong underground following because it is distinct from most forms of rock music. Hailed as ‘autumn' or ‘harvest' rock, it is a hypnotic, fluid and driving style that lingers in a person's mind long after the music is over. With extended musical intros and exits, a bulk of their songs have been described as haunting, all-encompassing and forceful.

The four members of Pitch Union pride themselves on their ‘harvest' rock signature sound, which is considered a mature sound but has proven to appeal to all ages. They do not play cover songs even though they admit to musical influences and admiration for bands such as Tool, Faith No More, Clutch and Kyuss. Pitch Union is currently approaching their newest material with great vigor and aggression. Each member is confident in their ability and the combined vision on the band. They've been honoured to have complete creative control over their music and be the vanguards of the signature sound of ‘harvest' rock. It's their goal to continue making music while conducting themselves in a professional and humble manner.

Pitch Union was formed in 2004 and based in Windsor, Ontario. Since their inception they've headlined massive amounts of local shows and have readily brought their music to venues in Toronto and many cities between there and Windsor. Pitch Union has always boasted about their willingness to trade gigs and their natural ability to coordinate with out of town bands. The band and some of their most dedicated fans have been known to make appearances at Harpo's in Detroit, The Embassy in London and the Opera House, Lee's Palace and the Kathedral in Toronto. Being requested to open for Bif Naked and the Queens of the Stone Age has been an honour for them.

Pitch Union's first album, Mohawk Clock Machine, was self released September 30th, 2005. Shortly after the release Cyclone Records signed the band. Mohawk Clock Machine was re-issue by Cyclone Records and even though it's been through four pressings, demand still exists for more copies. The exponentially increasing fan base of Pitch Union has been difficult to satiate with enough copies of the album and merchandise.

In 2006 Pitch Union toured in support of their 2005 album release. They promoted it and traveled around Ontario to play their songs. With the impending release of their next full length album, Calibrate the Element, they hope to spend more time on the road bringing it to the people. They plan to drastically expand the radius of their tour to placate their more distant fans.

Pitch Union's music has been featured in an extreme snowmobiling DVD and provided the lead track in a compilation album featuring Canadian bands. Interest generated over the internet has been encouraging. Pitch Union has enjoyed numerous pod casts and online radio shows. Songs from Mohawk Clock Machine have been played on popular local FM stations as well as university stations. Next Phaze is a single of particular interest and is still played on 100.7 FM Windsor/Detroit.

Fans eagerly anticipate new singles off of Calibrate the Element, which is due for a 2007 summer release.


The Next Phaze

Written By: Paul Taylor

And i've seen all the waves
inside my head
leave me between all the cracks
that you filled in again
I could recognize
that your unaware
The faces i've in the past
that you feel. And i said......

You might feel the same
We'll take it again someday
Why don't you look at my fate,
swallow me...

And i've sealed all the deals
and you've taken your place
Leave me between all the cracks
that you've filled in again
I can recognized
that i am aware
The faces i've seen in the past
that you feel, and i said......

You might feel the same
We'll take it again someday
Why don't you look at my fate,
swallow me...

I'm onto the next phaze
I feel it , so strange
I'm onto the next phaze
i feel it's ok

You might feel the same
We'll take it again someday
Why don't you look at my fate,
swallow me...


Mohawk Clock Machine EP (2005)

Storm Warning Volume 1 - Cyclone Records Compilation (2006); tracks 5, 6, and 17

Divided Agression DVD (2007)
Includes tracks "Yeah" and "Tornadic Activity"

"Next Phaze" currently showcased on the Rock 100.7 FM (Detroit/Windsor)

For a list of streaming pod casts where you can hear Pitch Union please visit:

Set List

Pitch Union plays an 'all original' set anywhere from 45 minutes to 80 minutes.

Songs include:
Tornadic Activity
Next Phaze
Cleavland Steamer
The Peace
Triple By-Pass