Pitchy and 44's

Pitchy and 44's


Gypsy Jazz Blues Folk Poetry Goofyness Mostly originals with oddball covers including a bluegrass version of Wind Cries Mary, Sustitute as a waltz with Zither and a gypsyfied version of If I Only Had a Brain.


Infuences include Django, Tom Waits, Rickie Lee Jones, Vaudeville and every musician that ever picked up an instrument or sang a song.


Pitchy and the 44's - Live at the Vine
New Demo/EP - What Did You Expect?

Set List

We have enough songs to fill an evening.

I would list all the originals, but you wouldn't know them anyway. Covers include:

Wind Cries Mary - Bluegrass
Substitute - Waltz with Zither
House of the Holy - Blues Mando
If I Only Had a Brain - Gypsy Swing
The Weight - normal (about the only one)
Pettycoat Junction - Yes, I said it
Summertime - Tango
One of These Days - Mose Allison slow slow slow blues.
You Know My Love - Otis Rush
Paint It Black - Bouzouki
Lots more....