New York City, New York, USA

"Yoshie combines influences from Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth and Masada into a rocking band performing catchy, hooky compositions that both pay tribute to and challenge the Jewish tradition...Pitom is a hard edged new addition to the legacy of Radical Jewish Culture" -John Zorn


Pitom (meaning “suddenly” in Hebrew) is a rocking quartet of guitar, violin, bass and drums that describe themselves as “punkassjewjazz”. Taking cues from an avante/punk aesthetic and the experimental downtown Jewish scene, including Zorn and Hassidic New Wave, this manic foursome plays wild and frenetic melodies, supported by a mixture of dreamlike tones and driving distortion. Klezmer, rock and the avante-garde join together in a true marriage of inconvenience. The band is led by Yoshie Fruchter on guitar and includes Shanir Ezra Blumenkrantz (Yo Yo Ma, Anthony Braxton) on bass Kevin Zubek (Satlah, Lemon Juice Quartet) on drums, and Jeremy Brown (Frank London, Margot Leverett) on violin.


"Pitom" 2008
Tzadik Records

Set List

Typical set time is around 1 hour.

1. Skin And Bones 4:31
2. Go Go Golem 5:23
3. The Robe Of Priestly Proportions: Part I 5:10
4. The Robe Of Priestly Proportions: Part II 3:42
5. Freigel Rock 4:45
6. Lungs And Spleen 4:41
7. Shikora 5:05
8. Minim: Part I 1:02
9. Minim: Part II 2:47
10. The Dregs 4:51
11. The Binding Of The Burning Books 5:05
12. Davita 5:32
13. Sadie's Splinter 5:17