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my music is me....? it does not sound like anything you hear but a mix of flavor from my veiw the world of generes


We started from no budget...too low budget...too sho' nuff when we was just pop- warner playboys and circle dr. slumburub villins! spittin freestyles over vinyl instramentals to following this group called "strictly dope"! this group had two of the world profound and talented rappers aswell as a DJ that prduced sickest beats of that time! 90 thru 93 was a struggle but we gots thru it like now we hustle! those two MC's I refered to are Tupac Shakur aka 2pac and Raymond Tyson aka Ray Luv! The talented DJ I speak of was DJ DIZZy Marc Darado! 12 years after my first drum machine and first in studio session, and after graduating THE CONSERVATORY FOR RECORDING ARTS AND SCIENCE I,m well versed for the game of no favors and no breaks!