Pizza! eschews the hardcore-influenced sound of their LA underground peers in favor of expansive and strange pop. The music is keyboard-laden and beat-heavy, with oddly literate lyrics and an operatic lead singer. Precise yet punky in execution, Pizza! puts on a most energetic show.


Known as the New Motherfuckers until Aug 2007 name change. Influences include Sparks, the Homosexuals, Devo, Talking Heads, Queen, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Classical Music and Bruce Springsteen.

LA Record, May 2007:
"Spastic and garbled vocals never sounded this good."


Our Number One Sound

Written By: Geoff

we've had this conversation several times before
we've got to build this tower up a little more
your mouth is moving it's *ah*
your lips are trembling

gotta be as big as the man upstairs!
we're gonna work work work until we get up there
your mouth is moving it's *ah*
your lips are trembling....

at the start we made a language
to last us through the years...
but i don't understand
what you're saying to me

all my children
throw your hands in the air
come on get down
cuz we solved the equation
just boogey to the beat
of our number one sound
and let the rhythm be your communication

the book is about the
dance floor
from genesis on down to revelation
all my children
throw your hands in the air
our dope noize
will be your salvation!

we've had this conversation several times before
we cannot build this tower oh not anymore
we'll keep it down on the ground
we'll party til we drop!

je ne parle pas le fran├žais (repeat)

Repress Yourself!

Written By: Geoff

whip those horsies
whip them good
there are niggers of every race
there are faggots of every sexual persuasion!
all your thoughts are stupid
you must wear deodorant!

shimmy to the left
shimmy to the right
all of our musical ideas are stolen!
you be my fag and i'll be your nigger
there is always room for jell-o!

you say you wanna
you say you gonna
you say "well god made me free!"
but you're retarded!
take jesus into your heart
give your soul to the lord
and he will show you the way

you can't just do what you wanna
repress yourself! (repeat)
you can't do what you wanna do!


Written By: Geoff

a long time ago
like 1864
ol' white tecumseh
marched to war
'gainst those confederates!

emancipation now!
we're gonna go down to atlanta
bust on in and take savannah
we're gonna burn it down!

wide as a mile!
i'm marching down to the coast!

and if the south had won that war
what'd you do that killing for?
just ask your colored friends!

wide as a mile!
i'm marching down to the coast!

(battle hymn of the republic)


Oct 2005 - The Qwesi Magazine, 3 songs: "Real Meet," "Girl," "Tsunami!"

Sept 2006 - "The New Motherfuckers" E.P., 5 songs: "Hotlanta!," "Iron Fart," "Fortified (live)," "Deforestacion," "Repress Yourself!"

"Hotlanta" and "Repress Yourself!" have both recieved airplay in Los Angeles. "Hotlanta" was re-released by on their SXSW 2007 thumb drive. "Repress Yourself!" has been re-released as part of the Saturation Fest 2007 compilation as well as the Oct 2007 edition of "Ports O' Call" magazine.

Jan 2008 - forthcoming album, 10 songs: "Houses," "Our Number One Sound," "Fortfified," "Bird-dreams," "Griffith Park Fire," "the Future," "Gay Hotel CA," "Dinoboticus," "Blue Moob," "Repress Yourself!"

Set List

Our set lists are typically 25-35 minutes long. Certain songs are played always:

Repress Yourself!
Our Number One Sound
Griffith Park Fire

The rest of the set varies from venue to venue:

the Fair
Gay Hotel CA
O! Jesus Christ!
the Future?
Duncan's Magnum Opus
Be a Man
Alex's Sweet Pop