Pizzicati int'allù Core - Canzoniere Jonico Salentino
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Pizzicati int'allù Core - Canzoniere Jonico Salentino

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This band has not uploaded any videos



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RonDanDò 2012
Balla Michè! 2013/14



“Pizzicati int’allù Core!”

They bear witness to more than 20 years of folk music. From 2007, the pinched are artistically directed by Valerio Manisi and with the acquisition by the CTJS, reaches its official formation and consolidation after being left behind from grandparents and cantors.
They are architects of crowding hundred of squares thanks to their exitement, fun and the rel strenght of Taranta that they infuse. They are still engaged, as has long been, in research, but also and specially in the claim of purely popular songs of Jonian Salento. Those songs often sold in a not quite legitimate way, this way of working makes them fully be the songbooks of Ionian lands.
The history of the repertoire of our songbook is quite unusual than that of the other groups in the province of Taranto and of Ionian lands, too; Grottaglie, in fact, was only a few towns along the edge of Taranto in the province of Lecce until the early '30, capital right in the high Salento, inside the famous Lands of Otranto. It therefore explains why the authorships of most famous folk songs around the world is due to the population of Grottaglie rather than to other countries. Of course this folk band, also follows the rule that oral tradition hasn't got only one author or a well defined origin ( as we can find songs with similar lyrics in many parts of Puglia); but their characterization and feature is often intonation, melody, the method of carrying out the track. For their part, they hold in the repertoire of all new songs, of pure inspiration for popular, written and arranged by Valerio Manisi, in collaboration with the others members of the band.
The complete formation of our Songbook (twelve components of musicians, singers, dancers), is conceived according to a pattern seeds-orchestral. The expansion of the Pinched, with the presence of about twenty-five components, then will give life to the formation of the "Popular Jonic Orchestra of Salento"*. However the pinched perform concerts even in reduced number of the group, traditionally consisted of accordion, violin, drums, vocals and dancers.
Finally we can certainly state that the Pizzicati int'allù core songbook continues, renews and passes on ronda (circle dance and music) and folk music essence, as their first official album titled “RonDanDò” would show. Now they are always at work dealing with new plans, including the next one titled “Balla Michè!"

*The Popular Ionian Orchestra of Salento
Valerio Manisi 's brainchild with the collaboration of master Carmine Fanigliulo, in 2010, always under the production of the CTJS, the Popular Orchestra Jonian of Salento (from now on we'll write OPJS) was founded in Grottaglie. It's a project that since its beginnings collects acclaims and successes among critics and audiences from different points of view. The performance of the OPJS, in fact, is inserted into the famous exhibition produced by the Public Theater of Puglia “Musica Mundi”.

After years of experience in varied events, “patrols” beside the grandparents, street parties, the right moment comes for the “Pinched” to realize their first official record job, entitled “Rondandò”; its title is inspired by what is the true heart of the popular and folk music, of our tradition, that is “ronda”, that is the union of friends singing and dancing, sharing their common passion. RonDanDò, it is a verb, the transitive one of “rondare”, in a present gerund it becomes “rondando”, phonetically adding a toll, like that one of an old bell that announces on the evening in the countryside and the harmony of a musical note, the “Do”. Fancy title but it wants however to stand the intention with which this work was born, consistency really in popular “patrol” ronda, that is union of people, friends that love this kind of music and they keep it alive, sometimes they revive it, cultivate it, renew it and pass it on.
In 2011 Valerio Manisi with the help of the teacher Carmine Fanigliulo, starts an expansion of the band Pizzicati, founding the Popular Orchestra Jonico Salentina. It’s precisely in this work that the new young orchestra is expressed, it takes life and it joins to create a work that goes into a full theory that union that makes great folk music, that is the throbbing heart of a “ronda” and friendly people going for our lands “RonDanDò”!