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Versitle, a wide varitey of music centered by strong lycrical content.


Sharrod Sloans aka Pizzle was born in Milwaukee, WI on April 12th, 1988. Pizzle fell in love with music at the young age of 5. Encouraged by his cousin Detonia, Pizzle wrote his first verse under the rap name of D.P. (derived from his middle name of DePre'). By Age 12 Pizzle's talent caught the ear of local rapper Baby Drew who provided Pizzle with his first studio experience and also introduced young Pizzle to the art of writing verses in bar format. After a year in anticipation of recording his own project, Pizzle decided to start his own group and shop for a deal with partners Oki (Yung O) Famous (of I-94 Productions) and Young Shock (Don Bill$). The quartet dubbed themselves "Mil-Ticket" and recorded their first musical effort "The Best in the League" within 3 months of shopping the project to local labels, Mil-Ticket landed a record deal with local record label "Trio Records" where the group recorded their second effort "The Beginning of the End". The group of all 14 year olds went on to sell 1,500 plus locally. Due to problems within the group the group split ways. Pizzle went on to perfect his lyrical ability. At age 16 Pizzle recorded his first solo effort "Live from the Mil" the mixtape. The small project drew alot of attention amongst local artist and labels because of Pizzle's unique lyrical ability.


D.I.A (Dreams.Illusions & aspirations) Pretty Lips, Ooh Ahh, Peculiar,Surplus, Murda Mayhem

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The Best 20 Minutes Of Your Life.....