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Hausen, Aargau, Switzerland

Hausen, Aargau, Switzerland
Pop Funk




"An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: P-Jay"

This is not the usual type of music found onA.O.O.F.C, but it is a very good album of funky, acid jazz, and urban pop-lounge dancefloor grooves. The album has genuine musical merit, and should not be discounted because of it's musical genre. So don't take life too seriously! If you need to relax and chill out, take off your Neu and Spock's Beard albums and give this album a listen, and GET DOWN, AND GET WITH IT !!
- overdoseoffingalcocoa

"Review 2"

Professionelle Produktion vom
Feinsten. Satter, glasklarer Sound. - Lucas V. Rosenberg, Executive Producer, ZDF LS Niedersachen

"Review 1"

Energiereiche Vocals, groovige Beats, eingängige Melodien, einprägsame Refrains: Dancemusic, wie sie immer wieder gerne gehört wird. - Der passende Soundtrack für das Warten auf den Sommer. - AVIVA-Tipp


Still working on that hot first release.



Over the years, P-Jay have succeeded in enthralling countless audiences in the hippest and hottest clubs. The group easily adapts to the taste of DJ-spoilt party people. On one hand, P-Jay can immediately latch onto the atmosphere and deliver an electrifying performance, thus attracting the people to the dancefloor. On the other hand, these artists can deliver the perfect soundtrack for demanding club guests throughout the night with casual and chic music which nevertheless remains intense. The most remarkable thing is that this kind of music is usually constricted to CDs. P-Jay, however, go the extra mile, making their music work in a live format. Thanks to their strength as a group and an overwhelming stage presence, this pool of seasoned live and studio musicians has also succeeded in winning over open air audiences. The group’s network spreads far beyond the borders of Switzerland – from China to the US, from Armenia to Mexico. Hence, the members are in the comfortable position to absorb all kinds of styles and allow musicians to make a lasting impact on their music. Whether from China or Latin America: the band welcomes any kind of input from their musical friends. The combination of passionate playfulness and true and genuine musicianship enables the six band members to create their very own style of music which, to date, has been captured on three excellent studio albums, «Subrayado» (2005), «My Everything» (2007) and «P-Jay - The Pop EP» (2012). «P-Jay - The Dance EP» is the second record of an album series to be released in 2012 and 2013 and is allready available.

On their musical expedition through modern life, P-Jay’s members are constantly on the lookout for the most diverse sounds. A bit like butterfly collectors or bird watchers, so to speak. Elements from pop, soul, funk and hip-hop are combined with inspiring lyrical fragments and radiant vocals while saxophones reveal compelling melodies, and synthesizer harmonies unfold smooth and luscious textures. Walking through the city listening to P-Jay on your iPod almost feels like the metropole itself is the one making the music: while the ladies standing at the bus stop take over background vocal duties, a squeaky tram delivers precise horn kicks, and the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian zone resembles a hand, graciously sweeping over piano keys to the beat of a latin rhythm. Time and again, irresistible electro beats push the listener through the streets, past countless people, take-away restaurants and busy backyards. They all give the impression that, in reality, the urban chaos is a precisely composed symphony which synchronises its rhythm with the music flowing from the earphones. Or is it vice-versa? Have they just transformed the coolness of the city into music? Do P-Jay deliver a modern day soundtrack?

Frankly, as soon as a curious and adventuresome group like this becomes enticed with electric and electronic sounds in such a relaxed manner as P-Jay, music may indeed result which has the power to conquer many a heart. And the fact that the group delves into the manifold realms of pop and electrofunk also helps to enhance this effect to a greater degree. P-Jay do all of this and a lot more in style and with such brilliance and litheness, hence preventing the listener or spectator from falling into irrelevance. This may well be the reason why their music is often used by DJs for remixing purposes, and also why P-Jay concerts possess a certain live character many people enjoy. It’s simply impossible to turn away and not listen.