PJ Morton Band

PJ Morton Band


"This album is a musical journey through the life of someone who's trying to find their "perfect" place in life and love. Musically it pays homage to 60's and 70's pop and rock as well as soul music. Lyrically, I'm a storyteller. I tell stories that almost anyone can relate to."


The PJ Morton Band is a contemporary blend of Pop, Rock and Soul music all embodied into several perfected songs. Started by the group’s leader PJ Morton, a Grammy award winning writer/producer (India Arie, Jermaine Dupri, Fred Hammond, Jagged Edge), the band encompasses a very diverse montage of musical minds that bring a distinctly unique flavor to live and recorded music.

PJ Morton was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. Growing up listening to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor, PJ began to play the piano at the age of 8 and by age 12 he was singing, writing and producing his own songs. PJ started his first band when he was only 12 years old and brought in lifelong friend Ed Clark, age 14 at the time, to play the drums. Upon entering high school, PJ’s dreams of being an artist began to take shape continuing to sing, write and produce original songs. During a visit to his uncle’s church, PJ met a bassist named Brian Cockerham, which would be the precursor to a predestined meeting in time.

While PJ and Ed were continuing to cultivate their creative crafts in New Orleans, LA, Brian roomed with a lead guitar player named Jesse Bond at Berklee College School of Music. As destiny’s plot thickens, during a visit to Atlanta, GA in 2001, PJ met Jesse and asked him to play lead guitar for a group he was starting called Freestyle Nation. Congregating at a club in Atlanta, PJ again crossed paths with Brian and decided to keep in touch with the future possibility of working together.

After several performances with Freestyle Nation, PJ decided to do a solo record while the others added production and performance credits to their personal resumes: Ed-Mary Mary, Ted and Sheri, Donald Lawrence; Jesse-Toni Braxton, Rubben Studdard, Faith Evans; and Brian- Bad Boy, G-Unit, Missy Elliot and Fantasia. PJ’s debut solo release entitled Emotions, was highly acclaimed by both music lovers and industry critics generating a performance buzz as he brought in Ed, Jesse and Brian to record and tour with him.

“Dreams are to destiny as pieces are to a puzzle; only revered once the pieces are all put into place…”(dh) This theme seems to be fate’s tell card as the band’s personal performance and production experiences, along with their individual music tastes, have been the structural keys to success for the band’s savory and signature sound. Having toured successfully throughout the US and UK, The PJ Morton Band has recently completed works on a new record entitled: Perfect Song.. This collective collage of spirit inspired songs, speaks to the soul of every listener awaking the lover, the musician, the writer and the dreamer in us all.


@ This evening - Johnta Austin - Ocean Ave. -Virgin
Getaway - Monica - Pieces Of Me - J Records
@ So Amazing - Jagged Edge - Jagged Edge -Columbia
*Let Go - Dewayne Woods - Zomba
Don't lose your candlestick - Men Of Standard - Feels Like Rain -Muscle Shoals
*Interested - India.Arie - Voyage To India - Motown/Universal
I Resign -Bishop Paul S. Morton - Crescent City Fire - Gospocentric
Let Him In - Greater St. Stephen Mass Choir - Blackberry Records
As For Me and My House - Greater St Stephen Mass Choir - Blackberry Records
A Forgiving God - Greater St. Stephen Mass Choir -Blackberry Records
*Fight On - Men Of Standard - New Day - Muscle Shoals
*Peace That Calms - Men Of Standard - New Day - Muscle Shoals
^I Don't Know Why- William Murphy - All Day - Sony
^Changes - William Murphy - All Day - Sony
*How Much You Mean to Me - Ted and Sheri - Celebrate - Warner Bros.
^Turn It Around - Ted and Sheri- Celebrate - Warner Bros.
Fall In The Midst - Compilation - Gospel Heritage 2002
*Why Do I Do - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Rain - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
#How We Were - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
#Emotions In Disguise - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Forever - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Real Love - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Grass Just Looks Greener - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Why Can't I Talk About Love - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Keep Movin On - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Free - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
*Back In Time - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation
^Common Ground - Freestyle Nation - Freeversation

No Indication: written only
*written and produced
^produced only
#co-written and produced
@ co-written

Set List

95% Original Songs - actual set varies by event

45 to 90 mins