P.J. Pacifico

P.J. Pacifico


James Taylor and Matthew Sweet meet backstage at a Jason Mraz show. All three jam together and out comes P.J. Pacifico's, "WELL I'LL BE". A great blend of folk rock and pop, with a twist of country!


After 8 years of touring and co-fronting the band Sunflower, the Connecticut based P.J. Pacifico, makes his solo debut with the release of “Well I’ll Be” on Viper Records.

P.J. has been singing since his early childhood. He started playing drums at the age of twelve, and picked up guitar and singing in college. “Writing songs is my passion”, says P.J., who wrote almost all of the songs on Sunflower’s two albums, and everything on his own debut.

P.J.’s musical influences are vast. He couldn’t help hearing harmony, as his mother held her barbershop quartet rehearsals in their kitchen. His Aunt introduced him to James Taylor and Simon & Garfunkel, and he found The Police, U2 and R.E.M. on his own.

P.J. has shared the stage with Little Feat, Joe Jackson and Guster. He has performed at the legendary Capital Theater, Toad’s Place, The Bitter End, CBGB’s and numerous college venues. He has been honored to sing our National Anthem at Madison Square Garden.

Eager to hit the road to support his new album of songs about everything from love to surviving cancer, P.J. is in the process of setting a national tour.


Another Me

Written By: P.J. Pacifico

Hey look what I found
While I wasn't looking
So I stumbled upon
A little different kind of person
Tuesdays were our days
Just one night a week
We were bored with the others
No secrets left to keep
In that uncertain Thursday
Where I could finally be
With all my invitations sent
And my own philosophy
Call me crazy while I'm shining
I call it unbelievable timing
How I finally found another me

So now we share everyday
How differently we both see
Patience leads to everything
With a little help from inevitability


I wasn't me
Didn't know about you
I opened my mouth to be true
And into our time we flew

Okay Fine

Written By: P.J. Pacifico

I fell out of bed
Messed, my head
I looked around and said, as I began to leave
"Well it's been a blast, my dear, and I long to hear your cup of cheer, but excuse me please."
Haven't you heard
Don't say a word
Isn't a little absurd
To pick and choose the cast
But time is long gone
And it still remains strong
Just forever in the past
And I said,
"Alright, okay fine....I think I'll listen this time to my mind.....I stumbled over a goldmine"

Staring at the sky
Squinting one eye
Laying right on my side, right next to you
I didn't know
One year ago
Looks like I told you so
If thats alright....without you
It's fine by me because I did just what I wanted to do


I gave up long nights
I lost long days
They won't be missed (that much)
Especially these days


If you want to find out what it's really about, then please wait for me

Only For Today

Written By: P.J. Pacifico

Sitting on a front porch swing
Your arms around me, everything
I catch your head
Right shoulder side
"I'm gonna rest my eyes", she said
"Okay", said I

I start to recall, tugging on the straps of my overalls
I step inside to pour a wine
I can hear you from the kitchen
My beard is itchin'
As I hold the door
For the best little nine year old
Here's to life
Here's to us
Here's two open hearts, but not enough
All relying on one day
Here's to me
Here's to you
Here's to what'll ever happen and what we'll do
All of it all
Then it goes away
It was only for today

Leaving on this ride with you
I listen to the way I speak to you
Now that we are here
It seems the same time each year
I learn and love
And keep it all clear



Full length LP - "Well I'll Be" (Viper Records -2005)
Tracks getting airplay:
Another Me
Okay Fine
Now You Know Why
Only For Today

Set List

Another Me
But Again
Okay Fine
Kinda Like Ours
Lady Friend
This One
New Goodbye
New Blue Sea
Only For Today
I'll Try
Here & There

2 sets usually - 45 minutes each (w/ band)

Solo acoustic - 3 sets - 50/60 minutes each - all originals, and covers from Dylan to Pearl Jam