P.J. Pacifico

P.J. Pacifico

 Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

Touring singer/songwriter on Viper Records. Solo acoustic or full band. P.J. has opened for Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sugarland,, Levon Helm, Leon Russell, The Low Anthem, Donavon Frankenreiter, Martin Sexton, Guster. AAA, Sirius/Xm, Muzak radio play. Toured mid-Atlantic, north & south east in 2010.


Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico has released his new, eagerly awaited sophomore effort, “Always & Everywhere”. Filled with P.J.’s trademark brand of warm, inviting, hook-filled songs, the themes of “Always & Everywhere” take in everything from love and survival to redemption and recovery. The tracks JACKBONE & INCOGNITO have been getting great airplay across the country, along with P.J.'s cover of The Beatles', I Want To Hold Your Hand. The ukulele version of The Beatles song has also been added to XM/Sirius satellite radio.

"P.J. has landed call letters ranging from WXPN to KINK…Let’s just cut to the chase: indie singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico is getting noticed by the right people in the right places." ~ the top 22.com

With the exception of the track “The Answer,” all but one of the six songs that comprise the “Almost There-EP” will be released on “Almost & Everywhere.” The leadoff single, “Jackbone,” features an appearance by The Samples’ Sean Kelly on background vocals, and will be serviced to AAA/Americana radio. P.J.'s sound has been described as “a jam session between James Taylor, Matthew Sweet” with some classic rock influences thrown in for good measure. His songs feel immediately familiar and comfortable; straight from the heart and sure to get stuck in your head.

Within the past year, P.J. has shared the stage with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sugarland, Hank Williams Jr., Levon Helm, Bob Weir & Ratdog, The Wailers, Donavon Frankenreiter, Dar Williams, Guster, moe., Ryan Shaw, and Sean Kelly of The Samples.



Written By: P.J. Pacifico

Since touching down at DIA
I didn't want to go after four, short days
Forest Drive kept me alive
And four days quickly turned into five
I didn't fly home with the other guys

I'm on my extended vacay
I ain't got jackbone goin' on at home
So I think I'll stay

I checked on later flights if that's okay
Just my guitar, you and me and extra days
The comfort factor is blowin' me away
Thanks to the snow back home at JFK

I made right out of plans gone
As I tipped my hat and thanked nature's Mom
The sun this morning burned away the storm
My bag is unpacked and my coffee is warm
I'll get back home on of these days
But for now I'll veg and just not shave
It feels so good to stay away
What's on tap for lunch?
On the sixth day of my...

I shrug my shoulders and move along
Making right after first thinking wrong
I dropped the wine at just the right time
I got bills on my desk at home
But I can pay them anytime
I'm not afraid of a late fee fine
On my....

I'm Home

Written By: P.J. Pacifico

Here's the long awaited day
Happy Birthday
I couldn't want it any other way
A new pair of glasses
With surrender to calamity
So now that that's all done
And all the hearts have won
I look around and see a new life and love have now begun

But don't give it away, baby
And make sense out of that over used cliche
I can't see this any other way
I can't do this alone
This milestone
that no longer gets postponed
I've grown, and you're the only one I've known...I'm home

Back are the days of dreams remembered
All began again on the 5th of November
I look around and see a little letter to me
No what's ahead in this finest hour?
All fingers point up to the higher power
I'm now runnin' along right where I belong
Instead of clappin' on the sidelines


Written By: P.J. Pacifico

I folded the T-shirt that you sleep in
And picked up the bottoms on your side of the bed
Checked my phone and got my coffee alone
And had last night stuck inside my head
My fault and your tears on our 8 year
My timing isn't perfect and my mouth is better off dead
The future is still a mystery and the two of us will be what we're going to be
But for now it's a little space instead

But I want you to know
You'll still be with me if you go
And I'll still be me
Just incognito
I'll wait right here
And rely on our loving years
I'll sing it now and remind you of it then
If you come around again
Because this isn't how it ends

I'm not walking out the door
Because we've done this before
So maybe this had to happen
Because we had more to learn?
You're the one who knew
And had faith in me and you
The night I got your random call
Is when I knew it all

Now I'm wearing the T-shirt that you sleep in
And for the first time in my life
I smell like your side of the bed

First Light

Written By: P.J. Pacifico

First light sounds like a pretty time to leave
"It seems like you're in a zone", you say to me
"Be sure to set your internal alarm clock, please"
You text me
Two stars shine in my overhead tonight
One's a wish and the other left in flight
So hold on tight

Meet me here
And stay the night
My door is wide open
Climb in, it's alright
Open eyes and abandon
In our first light

Lullaby's are all we really need
We couldn't have been this close
If you didn't leave
I'm so glad you came back to me
Look at me looking back at you too
If we don't love what are we gonna do?
It's all gonna happen...hold on


2005 LP "WELL I'LL BE"

Set List

I do ALL songs off of all my releases. I play the room during performances, but my covers range from:
Matthew Sweet
James Taylor
Martin Sexton
The Smiths
Billy Bragg
Evan Dando/Lemonheads
Neil Young
Simon & Garfunkel
Pete Yorn
Josh Radin
Counting Crows
Lyle Lovett
Tom Waits
Jackson Browne
The Kooks
Uncle Tupelo
The Beatles
Jim Croce
Loggins & Messina