Project Jenny, Project Jan

Project Jenny, Project Jan


Project Jenny, Project Jan is a Brooklyn-based electronic band whose influences lie in rock and roll sensibility and the dance party that is a meeting between Beck, The Streets, Gnarls Barkley and Puffy AmiYumi.


Made up of programmer/keyboardist Sammy Rubin and vocalist Jeremy Haines, Project Jenny, Project Jan spans a surprising musical range, from the sinister beats of “320” to the feel good “Summertime”; from the singalong swing of “Brooklyn” to the expansive Bollywood feel of “The Dialogue.” One thing remains constant, however: Their kinetic energy, which inspired Billboard to call Project Jenny, Project Jan’s live show a “shockingly dynamic, danceable, and hilarious affair.” called the band “awesome” and enthusiastically recommended its show “to anyone with functional knee and elbow joints.” Meanwhile, Gothamist solemnly observed, “This is a band that should be taken seriously.” The duo’s originality impressed Ear Farm enough to name Project Jenny, Project Jan one of its top ten bands to watch out for in 2008. Sure enough, that year Project Jenny, Project Jan was featured in the film Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, performing their rowdy crowd-pleaser “Negative.”

Project Jenny, Project Jan’s discography so far includes its 2005 self-released EP, its debut album XOXOXOXOXO, which CMJ hailed as one of the top 25 albums of 2007. In 2009 they released The Colors EP, a fully collaborative effort with Fujiya & Miyagi, So Percussion, Mixel Pixel and others. 2010 was spent recording their next full-length, Home Sweet Home, to be released in February, 2011. The band has played shows with Vampire Weekend, Mixel Pixel and Chairlift, and in 2007-08 opened for Fujiya & Miyagi in the US and then again in the UK.


Home Sweet Home - (February, 2011)
Colors - (2009) Might Records
XOXOXOXOXO - (2007) Might Records
EP - (2005) Might Records