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""the albums so diverse that project never revisit a genre twice""

Project Jenny, Project Jan created quite a stir with their eponymous debut EP, even Billboard took notice. Now the duo of frontman Jeremy Haines and music master Sammy Rubin are back with the full-length XOXOXOXOXO.

Within, the pair dance merrily across 14 extraordinarily eclectic tracks, in fact, the album's so diverse, that Project never revisit a genre twice. You name it, the pair deliver it up, from exhilarating salsa to exuberant swing, breezy dancehall reggae to boisterous 80s New Romantic, chill-out ambience to slamming techno, Project twist genres until the last entertaining drop is squeezed from them.

Some songs defy categorization, like the sultry "320", which evokes a time warp hiphop Hollywood '50s musical number, or the smoldering "Summertime", that twines a bluesy guitar through old school rap. Contrast that with the relentless bounce and metal guitar of "Marsupial", whose punishing beats have all the kick of a boxing bush kangaroo.

The lyrics have an equal punch and even more wit. "Train Track" may swing in big band fashion, but this is no nod to an old-fashioned "Chattanooga Choo Choo". Even more hilarious is the pair's ode to "Brooklyn", surely inspired by Louie Armstrong's "Sunny Side of the Street", even as it rips a page out of the '60s Kinks song book.

Whether addressing the only partially welcomed "Tourist", rapping out a "Personal" in a string of letters, celebrating love with an android, slithering into a morass of paranoia or just "Talking", Haines rhymes will leave you mesmerized...and laughing.

Behind him, Rubin's irrepressible rhythms keep the flow going, while his infectious melodies are absolutely irresistible, add Haines ever shifting vocal style and rhyme schemes, and you've got one unforgettable set, as entertaining as it is clever. - AllMusicGuide

"“one of the most entertaining live acts I’ve seen to date”"

“one of the most entertaining live acts I’ve seen to date” - CMJ

"“more pop music should be this fun”"

There are no women involved in Project Jenny, Project Jan; rather, the project with the misleading name is made up of two men, Jeremy Haines (who provides the words and other mouth noises, not to mention all of the album art) and Sammy Rubin (who provides the beats, synths, and, um, other). First track “Dia de los Niños” is a red herring—these guys have about as much to do with the Latin music scene as Cowboy Troy. “320” is a little closer to what might be considered a “typical” Project Jenny, Project Jan track, what with its spy-movie synthwork and intentionally stilted rapping style, but really, trying to find a consistent thread to XOXOXOXOXO is a fruitless endeavor. The only thing you can truthfully infer from XOXOXOXOXO taken as a whole is that the duo likes to have a good time and doesn’t take itself too seriously. As long as the listener doesn’t take them too seriously, either, the album’s a blast; “Games” is a hilarious parallel between the metaphorical and the literal games we play ("I used to be an auto thief in Gran Turismo / You used to be the Princess and I was Mario..."), while “Personal”, from which the album derives its name, goes through a newspaper (or maybe Craigslist) personal ad letter by letter. Heady lyrical content this is not, but it’s lighthearted, it’s got a good beat, and it’s worth a few laughs. More pop music should have this much fun. - Pop Matters

""almost too much fun for one album”"

Almost too much fun for one album, the PJPJ duo have delivered some seriously light-hearted entertainment on 'XOXOXOXOXO.' All Music Guide said, "...Rubin's irrepressible rhythms keep the flow going, while his infectious melodies are absolutely irresistible, add Haines' ever shifting vocal style and rhyme schemes, and you've got one unforgettable set... "Sounds like a summer album to me. - MSN

"“irresistibly danceable and always bring the party”"

Project Jan (PJPJ), like many great musical partnerships, is an opposites-attract kind of pairing. Vocalist Jeremy Haines spits lyrics with frenetic energy that fluidly moves from a David Byrne deadpan style to a dancehall-inflected growl. Over Sammy Rubin's crunchy, bass-heavy beats with sampled tablas, cow bells and big band horns the eclectic result is the kind of music that's irresistibly danceable and always brings the party.

Like another young Brooklyn band that's often compared to the Talking Heads, PJPJ's lyrics often reference the experience of living in New York City—though in this case the mix unfortunately is a little too clean to obscure some slightly juvenile tendencies. What they lack in sophistication, they make up with giddy nonsense; a chorus of "blah blah blahs" anchors the track called "Negative."

If you're in the New York area, you can catch PJPJ at Joe's Pub on 31 January 2007 as part of a show called Sxip's Hour of Charm starting at 7:30pm. Also look out for a remix of a track called "Present" by another NYC band called Pela. Their debut EP is available for purchase from their site. - Cool Hunting

""a shockingly dynamic, danceable and hilarious affair.""

Project Jenny/Project Jan comprises two Brooklyn gents who are named neither Jenny nor Jan.

Jeremy Haines and Sammy Rubin, both 28, have created a style they call "electro-karaoke." To be more precise, Haines' bombastic voice is layered over Rubin's innovative beats and keyboard parts. The result is a shockingly dynamic, danceable and hilarious affair.

Though experimental in nature, Project Jenny/Project Jan's music is an unrepentant upbeat party. The act's live show combines visuals with rock, dance and hip-hop elements, and Haines' cartoonish rhymes and vocals inspire even the casual listener into a frenzy. "We really look to put people at ease so everybody can feel like a star," Haines says.

The pair's self-released EP can be downloaded for free from their Web site - Billboard Magazine

""Project Jenny, Project Jan is the real deal.""

On first blush, I thought Project Jenny, Project Jan to be a joke. "Duo Fest" at Pianos in February. A mild-mannered straight man -- armed with a Mac Powerbook and keyboard -- dutifully triggered samples and tapped casio-basslines, while a manic showboat put on a master class in what he had dubbed "electro-karaoke." I laughed, uncomfortably. I wasn't quite sure what to make of any of it. As soon as I had pegged a sound, genres jumped (dancehall to electronica to Rat Pack croon). And when I figured they were an art school joke, Jan (or was he Jenny?) would work through an irresistable vocal melody, with witty affectation and uncanny ability. Dude could dance -- and work the hell out of a room. By night's end my laughter came free of conflict. I was sold. I liked this Jan guy. And his "Project."

Turns out Project Jenny, Project Jan is the real deal (though the hand-crafted demo artwork doesn't dissuade me of their artschool roots). The duo hails from Brooklyn (of course) and consists of Jeremy Haines (vocalist) and Sammy Rubin (programmer/keyboardist). No Jennys, no Jans. Lots of fun. Their five song EP is more showcase for their range and imagination than complete artistic statement. But that don't mean the songs don't kill.

When I went to Philly to see Radiohead I took the Chinatown Bus for my first time. Believe me, it won't be the last. I loved it so. I wanted to post about it. But being an MP3 blog, the music tie-in was imperative. While I pondered, the gods of rock heard my beggar's lament and delivered me this tune. "Chinatown Bus" is the perfectly suited laugh-anthem for my NJ Turnpike treks. It contains sage advice too. ("Ni Ho Ma is what you say when you get on the Chinatown Bus...they will like you more than all the other white people..." That will get you a $2 discount. I shit you not.)

The lyrics are always a point of focus, despite the undeniable danceability of each of these tracks. In "Negative" we walk with Jeremy through the demise of a relationship. Reason? He lost the negatives for the sort of pictures your girl doesn't want you losing the negatives for. If you follow. ("Dude, that is sooo not cool. But funny," said a girl friend. True.)

Anyway, whatever you hear, it still doesn't compare to the live set. Jenny and Jan are funny and fun. You will dance. There may be a few shows coming up, but the plan is to hit the studio in the nearing months. If they're around, you'll hear about it. And if the gig is in Philly, Boston or Washington, D.C., you can always take the Chinatown Bus.

Be their friend on MySpace, and grab lots more MP3s on their webpage. - Village Indian

""This is a band that should be taken seriously.""

At the last Movable Hype, we genuinely loved all the bands that played. Opener Project Jenny/Project Jan was no exception. It's easy to make a band based around slightly tongue in cheek joke songs, but to combine that with the talent and bravado of these two is not so common. What stood out was how impressive the actual music came across. Rubin's electronic beats were as accomplished as any in the modern scene. This is a band that should be taken seriously, even while singing about home- made sex tapes and the Chinatown bus. Like Art Brut has taught us during their many times through New York, cheekiness does not have to come at the sacrifice of the music.

PJ/PJ is playing at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night with Human Television and Pela.
You can listen to a few tracks on their Myspace page . - Gothamist

""As outlandish as their name, this experimental indie Brooklyn Duo is incomparable.""

It's the middle of the week, and you're in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Your double-shot espresso foam latte just isn't cutting it anymore. What are you going to do? Fortunately, you came to the Deli. And if you're reading this blog and listening to "Negative" by Project Jenny, Project Jan, you have found a way to get through the rest of this month. As outlandish as their name, this experimental indie Brooklyn Duo is incomparable. You can't but help move to the crazy, electro-rhythms they put out. PJ/PJ was recently named as Gothamist's "Band of the Week," and it is no wonder. Combining humorous subjects with smart beats, Project Jenny, Project Jan is a band to watch. - The Deli Magazine

"'XOXOXOXOXO' Top 25 Album of 2007"

Boasting their genre as “electro-karaoke,” Project Jenny, Project Jan fits snuggly into a world where Don’t forget the Lyrics can succeed on prime-time television. On the Brooklyn duo’s debut, frontman Jeremy Haines playfully croons with enough passion in his voice to make young fans swoon. though the band might not have gotten as much buzz as some of the others on this list, their ability to write catchy songs is just as undeniable. - CMJ


Home Sweet Home - (February, 2011)
Colors - (2009) Might Records
XOXOXOXOXO - (2007) Might Records
EP - (2005) Might Records



Made up of programmer/keyboardist Sammy Rubin and vocalist Jeremy Haines, Project Jenny, Project Jan spans a surprising musical range, from the sinister beats of “320” to the feel good “Summertime”; from the singalong swing of “Brooklyn” to the expansive Bollywood feel of “The Dialogue.” One thing remains constant, however: Their kinetic energy, which inspired Billboard to call Project Jenny, Project Jan’s live show a “shockingly dynamic, danceable, and hilarious affair.” called the band “awesome” and enthusiastically recommended its show “to anyone with functional knee and elbow joints.” Meanwhile, Gothamist solemnly observed, “This is a band that should be taken seriously.” The duo’s originality impressed Ear Farm enough to name Project Jenny, Project Jan one of its top ten bands to watch out for in 2008. Sure enough, that year Project Jenny, Project Jan was featured in the film Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, performing their rowdy crowd-pleaser “Negative.”

Project Jenny, Project Jan’s discography so far includes its 2005 self-released EP, its debut album XOXOXOXOXO, which CMJ hailed as one of the top 25 albums of 2007. In 2009 they released The Colors EP, a fully collaborative effort with Fujiya & Miyagi, So Percussion, Mixel Pixel and others. 2010 was spent recording their next full-length, Home Sweet Home, to be released in February, 2011. The band has played shows with Vampire Weekend, Mixel Pixel and Chairlift, and in 2007-08 opened for Fujiya & Miyagi in the US and then again in the UK.