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"Roughshod Records"

YeeHaaa P.J!
author: Mike Johnson
WOW! WOW! And double WOW! When PJ called me last year to tell me that she was getting back into her music I was elated! I've personally known this dynamic personality and her family since 1994. When she decided to drop out of the music scene to tend to some personal matters, the music world lost a great voice. P.J. is a super combination of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Reba McIntire and "Little Miss Dynamite" Brenda Lee, yet so distinctly PJ! Whether it's a smooth love song, a crooning ballad, or a provocative teaser, when P.J. tackles a song, she owns it, lock, stock and barrel. Like Track No.1 "Well Enough Alone", Track No.2 "Take It From Me", or Track No.3 Runnin' On Love. P.J. is anything she wants to be! Don't let the fact that she only one of her own songs is on this CD. I've heard her songs and know for a fact that P.J.s finely honed writing skills paint vivid pictures that will give you a close encounter like nothing you've ever experienced. This album is one of my all-time favorites, not because it was given to me personally by P.J. way back when, but because it truly reflects a real God-given talent and the true versatility and uniqueness that is P.J. PRICE!!! Priceless indeed. We need about 5 more stars for this! I'm so proud of you my friend!

- Mike Johnson

"Four - Top Tens !!"

NOTE: Review from 1996 - Last Year, before upload costs went through the roof, I uploaded P.J. Prices' entire album into the Digital Libraries and she slammed FOUR songs into the 'top ten' request category all at the SAME time! I've never seen FOUR of the TOP TEN by the same artist, or even heard tell of it in over fifty years in this crazy business. (Enclosed report to verify it!) Miss "Taste-of-Texas" deserves only the very best!

- Bobby Farrell - Aavonica Licensing, Ltd.

"Songwriters Monthly Review of P.J. Price 'debut' CD"

NOTE: From 1995

Strong, Strong first showing from this Texas label! It's impossible to pick the album's highlights because EACH track 'sparkles', but be sure not to overlook the sizzling "TAKE IT FROM ME"....

- Songwriters Monthly

"Don't Like Country ..?"

NOTE: From 1995

If you don't like country music, then P.J. Price will change your mind pretty quick! Her self-titled debut album, featuring 10 songs is highly enjoyable. She's only the 2nd 'country' artist to appear in the 1/2 creeper and her talent is the reason why! I think you'll like her... I know I do.

- Paul for 1/2 Creeper Magazine

"Top Ten !!"

I call P.J. Price my 'Texas Lady', and aside from being a natural born sweetheart, the lady sings. Hear Me! SHE SINGS! I'm not sure why we haven't gotten together in the studio on a project. She says she wants to and Lord knows I want to, so someday we probably will. I consider P.J. as one of my "TOP TEN" artists!

- Jason Hawkins - Airplay International/Nashville

"The "Lady" or the "Tiger" ...?"

From: 1996

There's a woman out there who stalks the European playlists with the prowess of a tiger on the loose and when she 'growls', the lady always captures her 'prey'. P.J. Price is queen of the INDIE jungle and the European DJ's 'pet' recording artist because she instinctively knows what songs work for her and puts them over with style, strong fulls vocals and something they used to call 'oomph'. Simply put, it's sexiness. With the exception of Bonnie Raitt or Mary Chapin Carpenter, few country female singers have it!
- Country Note Connection Magazine


Reviews will be forthcoming from my new "Movin' On" CD and will be added on here as available!

Please stop by: www.myspace.com/pjprice to hear 6 of the songs from the new CD !!!

Hugs from Texas,

P.J. Price - P.J. Price


P.J. Price (Debut Album - 1994)
A Lotta Changes - Single Release 1996
P.J. Price (Movin' On) - Release Feb. 2008
(3 singles already released from this new
CD.. "Movin' On, Game of Life (currently in
INDIEWORLD chart) and Maybe It's Right.



P.J. releases her first album to the European market (per advise from her Nashville 'buddies') It gets MAJOR airplay which leads to "Album of the Year" & "Best Female Indie of the Year " in 1994 as reported by the European Country Music Association (ECMA). She also racks up "Star of Tomorrow 1994" as voted on by U.S. radio DJ's in the "Indie" market & "International Star of 1995". This leads to a European tour and large International fanbase.

At one point, P.J. had 4 (four) of her singles from this debut album that hit the Top '20' at the same time per the European - American - Asian Entertainment Network charts. That had never been done before, according to the CEO, Bobby Farrell from Aavonica Licensing. As if that isn't enough... she put this Album on her OWN 'Indie' label (Priceless Records) which goes on to release 'compilation CD's' featuring other talent and introducing them into the European market. This too is a MAJOR success and gets 'rave' reviews from European DJ's. This then led to her doing her own "Indie" Country music publication and opening her own music publishing company (Taste 'O Texas Music)/BMI which provided original recording material to many of those artists for radio release.

She receives a record deal but 'turned it down', as she didn't feel it was the 'right deal' for her at that time. P.J. stays true to herself and knows what she wants. She has laid tremendous groundwork and is getting ready to make a 'comeback' with a new album with a release date of Feburary 2008. The new album contains 11 songs, all self-penned by P.J. except for one! It shows the 'diversity' not only in her writing styles, but her vocal ability to cross genres...

I grew up listening to ALL sorts of music: Aerosmith, AC/DC, Elton John, Eagles, mixed in with Patsy Cline, Dolly Parten, Vince Gill, Alabama... I think there's alot of people out there (like me) who listen to a wide variety of stuff, so I think I'll have an 'audience' there with my new album. My writing style is 'all over the place'. There's going to be country on there (YOU BET).. but you'll also hear some folk undertones and R & B undertones as well.

P.J. has served as a "TOP PRODUCING" Real Estate agent for the past 12 yrs. Now, 12 years after leaving the music business, she's making a HUGE comeback..... You can bet, whatever she does is sure to be a HUGE success and there's alot of people waiting for it!