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P.J. Price

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P.J. received "Album of the Year" & "Best Female Indie Artist" in 1994 in Europe, per the European CMA which led to a tour & extensive fanbase by 1996. Her new "Movin' On" CD was released in April 2008 & she's already had a # 1 in the Indieworld charts and other chart placements throughout Europe.


P.J. releases her first album to the European market. It gets MAJOR airplay which leads to "Album of the Year" & "Best Female Indie of the Year " in 1994 as reported by the European CMA. This leads to a European tour and large Inter-national fanbase.

At one point, P.J. had 4 (four) of her singles from this debut album that hit the Top '20' at the same time per the European - American - Asian Entertainment Network charts. That had never been done before, according to the CEO.

She's made a 'comeback' with a new album which was released in April, 2008. P.J. did a pre-release on one song called "Game of Life" in January, 2008. This song went to # 1 in the Indieworld chart in June, 2008, beating the group "LITTLE TEXAS" out of that # 1 spot. The song entered the chart on Jan. 25, 2008, just shortly after its' release! You can hear 'sneak peaks' of the 1994 'award winning' debut CD at: www.cdbaby.com/pjprice. Radio stations can download her releases at www.airplaydirect.com, or feel free to email her direct for submission!

"I think there's alot of people out there (like me) who listen to a wide variety of stuff, so I think I'll have an 'audience' there with this album. My writing style is 'all over the place'. There's some country on here (YOU BET!).. but you'll also hear some folk undertones and R & B undertones as well."

P.J. likes a variety of artists, from country to blues.. to pop and light rock, and you'll hear that influence in her performance...


Maybe It's Right (To Love You Tonight)

Written By: P.J. Price

You’ve been in & out my door… a hundred times before
But I never saw you through ‘these’ eyes’…..
When you walked in here tonight, Oh, it caught me by surprise and
You know it scares me to death… baby….

Oh, What I feel for you right now, seems strange to me somehow;
‘cuz I never thought I’d say this before;

But Maybe it’s Right…. And maybe I ‘might’.. Just Love You Tonight…

You’ve been wanting me so long but I’ve been barely hangin’ on
To what I thought was ‘safe ground’; And as I stand here tonight, much to my surprise, I have finally found;

What I’ve wanted for so long…. Has been right here all along, Staring me right ‘in the eyes’… thinking Maybe it’s ‘right’… and Maybe I ‘might’… Just love you Tonight….



Oh, I don’t know what’s come over me, I was blind but now I see;
And I got you right here in my sights; Thinkin’ Maybe It’s Right,
And Maybe I Might, Just Love you Tonight….

TAG: Well, I know that it’s right…. Come here and lay by my side and Love Me Tonight…..


Written By: P.J. Price

Won’t you come away with me tonight
And travel on this flight - Out to Dreamland…
Climb aboard this shooting star, And
Find out who you are… Out in Dreamland -
Out in Dreamland… Out In Dreamland….

Come with Me and You will Thirst no more;
We’ll open Heavens’ doors… Out in Dreamland -
Come Away, Let’s go… Just Me And You -
Dreams really do come true…. out in Dreamland ….
Out in Dreamland…. Out in Dreamland…


Come With Me,, Let’s Go way Tonight , To a place where
love is safe And Warm; Let me Wrap you in these lovin’ arms;
Hold you close until the early morning’ light -


Won’t You come away with me tonight;
And travel on this flight - Out to dreamland….
Come Away, let’s go.. Just Me and You,
Dreams really do come true out in Dreamland…
Out in Dreamland….. Out in Dreamland…

Instrumental Fade Out…

If Only in My Mind

Written By: P.J. Price

There’s a feelin’ here inside me… that’s tearin’ me apart;
Tho’ there’s endless miles between us, we’re still joined at the heart -
And I find myself divided between what is right and wrong;
Oh, the days go by so fast, oh, but these nights are oh, so long….


I can’t live without your love, Oh, I need you by my side
I can’t face another day, without you here in my life
And I know the day will come, it’s just a matter of time;
When you will be with me forever… If only in my mind.

There’s a woman there beside you, whose been faithful and true;
And a man here beside me, who knows nothing’ about you -
And a fire rages inside me, I keep fightin’ it every day;
I try to let go of what we had, but my heart gets in my way….



Turn back the hands of time and hold me once again….
If only just for tonight……..


Undivided Hearts

Written By: P.J. Price

When Times get Tough… Oh, I need you here to hold my hand;
But we’re both divided by our ‘golden wedding bands -
What’s right for you and Me… Oh, It would tear their worlds apart;
So we’re still divided by our “undivided hearts”..


Oh, our hearts they both agree, For they both beat as one;
And you can’t turn the hands of time to undo what’s been done -
Now you belong to her… Oh, and I belong to Him;
So we’re still divided by what ‘might and should have’ been.


Oh the love that we once shared, I know it’s over -
But you know that I’m gonna love you forever, baby;
And my heart will always belong to you -
Oh, it’s true… Oh, yes… It’s true..

But you belong to her… oh, and I belong to him…
So we’re still divided by what ‘might and should have been’;
What’s right for you and me.. It would tear their worlds apart -
So, we’re still divided by… our ‘undivided heart”….

Instrumental Fade Out….

Tell Me

Written By: P.J. Price

So You’re Gonna Tell Me.. Your little story Baby; Bout how you been telling me….You been telling me.. Telling me no lies; Yeah… And You’re Gonna Tell Me…How much You Love me Baby.. And Bout how our love.. Our love will never die;

Oh But you been doin’ me wrong, Lord it’s the same..
Same old song … and You know that I can’t take it.. I can’t take it.. Anymore, so Baby, Please don’t tell me your little story, cuz I know…
I’ve heard that one Before..

Now You’re gonna tell me, Your little story Baby; OH, about how she… oh, she didn’t really mean anything At all… no, You’re gonna tell me... That it only happened
Once or twice… And I’ll sit here and I’ll watch you Take Your Fall;

Oh but I heard it all before, so here comes the slammin', slammin' of the door, but before I go there's one thing you should know.. Oh Baby, You won't be tellin' me no more lies, I've come to realize that it's time for me to let you go....

So let me Tell You,, MY little story baby.. Bout a love…
Bout a love that’s gone all wrong.. Oh, Yeah..
You read about it in the papers, You see it.. See it in the movies
And you hear about it in those damned ole country songs…

Oh, but I’ve heard it all before, so here comes the slammin..
Slammin of the door.. But before I go, there’s just one thing
You should know… now Baby - You won’t be telling me
No more lies, I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me
To “let you Go”.. No, you won’t be telling me no more
Lies.. I’ve come to realize… that its’ time for me to let go…

Game of Life

Written By: P.J. Price

She looked out her bedroom window; And much to her surprise,
She sees her Daddys' pickup truck
coasting down the drive.

Oh, she hasn't seen him lately,
Since her Mom told him to "Go"...
Oh, she's shattered by her feelings
though she never lets them show.

She's just a "Baby Girl", strugglin' in a cold hard world, and to her there seems to be no end in sight -
But she keeps givin' it 'all she's got',
Tho sometimes it ain't alot,
Oh, it's just a 'spin' within the "Game of Life"...

She watched him pack his suitcase
And she watches as he goes...
The past comes back to 'haunt' her
From 20 years ago.
She has no one to turn to. Can she
make it thru another day -
She's feelin' all alone now, tho a
babys' on it's way -

She's just a "Baby Girl", strugglin' in a cold hard world, and to her there seems to be no end in sight -
But she keeps givin' it 'all she's got',
Tho sometimes it ain't alot,
Oh, it's just a 'spin' within the "Game of Life"...

No one knows the hurt she carries deep inside;
But to her it's just become a 'way of life'...

She's just a "Baby Girl", strugglin' in a cold hard world, and to her there seems to be no end in sight -
But she keeps givin' it 'all she's got',
Tho sometimes it ain't alot,
Oh, it's just a 'spin' within the "Game of Life"...

Yeah, it is... Oh, it's just a 'spin' within the "Game of Life

Movin' On

Written By: P.J. Price


Packed my bags, cuz I was gonna leave today;
I drove 4 miles, made it down to the old highway..
Til my memory stopped me 'dead in my tracks';
Took me on a journey, took me 10 years back
To a place where we 'used to be'.. when things were right between You and Me.


Turned around and drove the 4 miles back home again;
Yeah, I made it thru the front door just as the phone started ringin';
It was You there on the other end,
Begging me to 'stay' and saying "I'm Sorry" once again -
Oh, here we go again.. Travelin' down this same 'ole road again!


But I don't want to stay here anymore.. if You don't feel our loves' worth fighting for;
Oh Baby, just let me walk thru that door... and I'll gone... and we'll both 'Move On'.. Oh, Yeah.. We'll be Movin' On... Yeah..

Instrumental Ride

The love we shared is 'dead and gone' - I don't know where it all went wrong; Lord I know we both have tried;
But we've been down this road before.. and I can't 'take it' anymore, so let my heart just say 'Goodbye'.. cuz' baby...



1 - P.J. Price (debut CD, 1994)

2. "Running on Love" - single radio release from P.J. Price debut CD - 1995

3. "Memory of You" - single radio release from P.J. Price debut CD - 1995

3 - Priceless Records (Best of Texas Vol. I & Best of Texas Vol. II 1996) - personal record label that featured various Texas artists (including myself) on a 'compilation CD" to radio.

4 - A Lotta Changes - single release out to radio in 1997.

5 - Movin' On - 2007 - CD release April, 2008.

6 - "Game of Life" - single release from "Movin' On" CD - Jan. 2008 (pre-release prior to CD release!)

7 - "Maybe It's Right" - single release from "Movin On" CD - April 2008

8 - "I'm not over Loving You" - scheduled for single radio release in September, 2008.

Set List

A typical set would last for approx. 45 minutes, featuring a mix or original and 'standards'. One set might be as follows:

1 - Jambalya
2 - Take it To the Limit
3 - Maybe It's Right (from new "Movin' On" CD)
4 - Movin On (from new "Movin' On" CD)
5 - I Still Believe in You
6 - Walkin After Midnight
7 - Satin Sheets
8 - Memory of You (from P.J. Price debut CD)
9 - You'll Think of Me
10 - Tell Me (from new "Movin' On" CD)
11 - Jailhouse Rock
12 - Breathe
13 - Angel
14 - That'll be the Day
15 - Where Would You Be