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P.J. Price @ Annual "Winefest"

Montgomery, Texas, USA

Montgomery, Texas, USA

P.J. Price @ Private Party

Conroe, Texas, USA

Conroe, Texas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



NOTE: Review from 1996 - Last Year, before upload costs went through the roof, I uploaded P.J. Prices' entire album into the Digital Libraries and she slammed FOUR songs into the 'top ten' request category all at the SAME time! I've never seen FOUR of the TOP TEN by the same artist, or even heard tell of it in over fifty years in this crazy business. (Enclosed report to verify it!) Miss "Taste-of-Texas" deserves only the very best!

- Bobby Farrell - Aavonica Licensing, Ltd.

From 'debut' CD...

Strong, Strong first showing from this Texas label! It's impossible to pick the album's highlights because EACH track 'sparkles', but be sure not to overlook the sizzling "TAKE IT FROM ME"....

- Songwriters Monthly Review

If you don't like country music, then P.J. Price will change your mind pretty quick! Her self-titled debut album, featuring 10 songs is highly enjoyable. She's only the 2nd 'country' artist to appear in the 1/2 creeper and her talent is the reason why! I think you'll like her... I know I do.

- author: 1/2 Creeper (Paul)

Mega star, giant production. It is amazing the slight differences between CD's by (a) P.J. Price and (b) Reba McEntire. Both have great voices and their albums stay in a safe country territory. A fine mixture of ballads, a couple of 'bluesy' styled tunes and a self-penned 'swing' style song which P.J. wrote. Great stuff from a local artist!

- North of the Border - Texas

There's a woman out there who stalks the European playlists with the prowess of a tiger on the loose and when she 'growls', the lady always captures her 'prey'. P.J. Price is queen of the INDIE jungle and the European DJ's 'pet' recording artist because she instinctively knows what songs work for her and puts them over with style, strong fulls vocals and something they used to call 'oomph'. Simply put, it's sexiness. With the exception of Bonnie Raitt or Mary Chapin Carpenter, few country female singers have it!
- Country Note Connection


1 - P.J. Price (debut CD, 1994)

2. "Running on Love" - single radio release from P.J. Price debut CD - 1995

3. "Memory of You" - single radio release from P.J. Price debut CD - 1995

3 - Priceless Records (Best of Texas Vol. I & Best of Texas Vol. II 1996) - personal record label that featured various Texas artists (including myself) on a 'compilation CD" to radio.

4 - A Lotta Changes - single release out to radio in 1997.

5 - Movin' On - 2007 - CD release April, 2008.

6 - "Game of Life" - single release from "Movin' On" CD - Jan. 2008 (pre-release prior to CD release!)

7 - "Maybe It's Right" - single release from "Movin On" CD - April 2008

8 - "I'm not over Loving You" - scheduled for single radio release in September, 2008.



P.J. releases her first album to the European market. It gets MAJOR airplay which leads to "Album of the Year" & "Best Female Indie of the Year " in 1994 as reported by the European CMA. This leads to a European tour and large Inter-national fanbase.

At one point, P.J. had 4 (four) of her singles from this debut album that hit the Top '20' at the same time per the European - American - Asian Entertainment Network charts. That had never been done before, according to the CEO.

She's made a 'comeback' with a new album which was released in April, 2008. P.J. did a pre-release on one song called "Game of Life" in January, 2008. This song went to # 1 in the Indieworld chart in June, 2008, beating the group "LITTLE TEXAS" out of that # 1 spot. The song entered the chart on Jan. 25, 2008, just shortly after its' release! You can hear 'sneak peaks' of the 1994 'award winning' debut CD at: www.cdbaby.com/pjprice. Radio stations can download her releases at www.airplaydirect.com, or feel free to email her direct for submission!

"I think there's alot of people out there (like me) who listen to a wide variety of stuff, so I think I'll have an 'audience' there with this album. My writing style is 'all over the place'. There's some country on here (YOU BET!).. but you'll also hear some folk undertones and R & B undertones as well."

P.J. likes a variety of artists, from country to blues.. to pop and light rock, and you'll hear that influence in her performance...