P.J. Shapiro

P.J. Shapiro


Art rock spirit, acoustic sound, lyrics with subtle substance, wrapped in a shiny groove shell.


P.J. Shapiro has wandered the Boston music scene for nigh unto a decade. He is best known for creating minimal, yet intricate, puzzle-box lyrics, accompanied by a signature mix of solid rhythmic grooves and addictive melodies. He has also gained a great deal of praise for his dynamic live acoustic performances. P.J. released his second cd, I Know What You’re Made Of, in 2001. In 2000, he released an EP titled approachavoidance. He is currently at work on a new cd, due out in 2006.

His influences include Steely Dan, Timbuk 3, Jonatha Brooke, and XTC.


Disclaimer (Have I Told You)

Written By: P.J. Shapiro

Disclaimer (Have I Told you)Have I told you I’m a liarWould you believe me if I didIt serves me well when things go wrong the facts and me don’t get alongSo I pay to have them hidHave I told you that my methodsLeave a bit to be desiredWhen I find a fault today I deal with it the easy wayPost a warning up tomorrowChorus:If I give you this disclaimer my responsibility it will fade away to nothing you can’t blame a thing on meHave I told you that my motivesThey were never all that pureI run my scams and give out burns all in the name of fat returnsOn the quarterly reportChorusHave I told you that the messageOn my shrink wrap it has teethSo when your green screen turns to blue you’ll find that I have stranded youWith no venue for reliefChorusChorusYou can’t pin this one on meDon’t you pin this one on meYou can’t blame a thing on me©2004 P.J. Shapiro


I Know What You're Made Of (2001) 12 song cd

approachavoidance (2000) 5 song ep

Set List

Most songs are three minutes plus or minus one minute.
Sets range from 25-50 minutes.

Typical Sets (all songs original except as noted):

Disclaimer (Have I Told You)
I Know What You're Made Of
Judy Blue (co-written w/ Robert Baden)
Color To Ground
Outside the Box
Candle Creating Character
My Town

Run Down
Continental Drift (co-written w/Joshua Farber)
E Pluribus H Dent
Of Smoke and Honey
Cut By Wire (written by John Gorka & Geoff Bartley)
Wealth of Nations
Millie Plays Pretend
reinventing understanding
Year 62
Flying Dutchman