Peter J Stein

Peter J Stein


My genre of music is a hybrid of folk/country that I call "Folkstein", which utilizes the defiant energy of Bob Dylan, the sweetness of Donovan, and the poetic lyricism of Paul Simon, with hints of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, and the Beatles.


I have played guitar since 1956, when I learned the E chord, and played Hound Dog, and Jailhouse Rock. I absorbed all of the late fifities artists, from Dion, Paul Anka, and Fabian, to The Earls, Danny and the Juniors, and the Five Satins. I became One with the 60's, transformed into a Beatle, followed all of the British Bands, and worshipped Bob Dylan as a prophet. I played in college bands, called "Up Incorporated", "Shades of Gray", and "Taste of sunlight", and most recently have been playing out with a Classic Rock band, on Long Island, called Central Beat.


I released my first album, "Broken Man - Trapped In Time", on August 19th, 2008, and clips can be heard on CDBaby, iTunes, youtube, and at my website, at I have begun work on my second album, "Under The Open Sky", planned for 8 original songs, to be released in late September or mid-October.

Set List

I now work relatively short performances of approximately one hour, where I mix my currently published songs (Lately I've Been Feeling, I Just Keep Seeing Her Face, Only A Man, Rebecca), with folk-rock standards, such as It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Dylan), Celeste, To Try For The Sun (Donovan), The Boxer, I Am A Rock, Leaves That Are Green (Paul Simon), Child's Song (Tom Rush), and Colors of the Sun (Jackson Browne).