Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Think of the best show you've ever seen, the best song you've ever heard & the best artist that you love to hear... --- done?--- NOW... Listen and take notice to an artist that will soon pop in your mind when you're asked to do this again. I am proud to give you and the world{{ }} "VALET" ENJOY !!!


Artist: Valet

Every so often an artist comes and displays a repertoire such as Valet, Very demanding, either in or outside of the box. Lyrically and with a flamboyant style. Valet, has the formula on lock, seamlessly blending Hard Hittin club bangers with his in your face Hip Hop/POP style. Every track triumphs on his new CD entitled “DANGER TAPE” observe. as this phenomenal Rapper ride the tracks with genius ease


Title: Confesions Of A Hustler Release 1999 Title: Park That Azz, Release: 2004. Re-Released 2009 with 3 bonus tracks because of overseas demand. Title: BET THEY HIT, Released 2007 Title: Danger Tape, Released 2011