PK Crew

PK Crew

 Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, AUS
BandHip HopPunk

PK Crew have been doing big things to the Aussie Hip Hop scene with their unmistakable brand of pub rap for over 5 years now.

The label is expanding to give other young artists a chance at notoriety, and the boys have still been hunting for pigs and bringing home the bacon.


Three MC's and one DJ from all over Sydney (South, Inner West, Blue Mountains and the bowels of the city).

Lyrics are never sugar coated but always with a purpose.
Beats range from funky and fun to deep and demonic.
Ladstar music, socially-conscious criminalistic grooves, pub rap.

The boys started making music in 2004, when Benji and Kaoe were 16 and Stats was 20. They were drawn together by a deep sense of discontentment in both their social and financial standing and the state of Australian hip-hop at the time.
They have since been working together to change that - thus
PK Productions was born.

Have supported De La Soul, Public Enemy, Jungle Brothers, Pete Murray, QBert, SuperNatural, Freq Nasty, MC Dynamite, Funkoars, Def Wish Cast, Hunter and DJ Vame, Hilltop Hoods, Brad Strut, Scott Burns, Thundamentals and many others. (See GIGS section of website)

The crew's fifth (but first major) release is due for release in August.

Stats and Benji are accomplished producers for many other artists such as Maggot Mouf, Dekoda, DJ Paypercutts, Scott Burns, MC Gabi, The Tongue and others.

Enough horn tooting.

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Future's Dark

Written By: PK Crew

FUTURE'S DARK by Stats, Kaoe & Benji (PK Crew)

No one fucks with the porest khuntz

No one here's as raw as us

Get outta line and I'll staunch ya bruz

Shit ain't bright, evolutions happening/
Future's Dark and we torched this rap scene

Verse 1:
Whats goin on with the world today? So many/
people say it's a wonderful place/ but it's a
cut throat world, I wonder who are my mates/ boss
routs my pay so he can double his claim/
Then you wonder why/ we don't
refrain and recommit crime/ from the
day in to the night/ so I can
lay with my head lice/ to myself keep
saying “she'll be right”/ whatever it
takes you pay the price/ but ay they
soda clay that's life/ take it
back or take it twice/ now I'm
left to make it right/ the
eclipse will take your shine/ we at the
cliff to start that climb/ but our top
peak be way too high/ cunt

Verse 2:
P K rain on ya brain like thunder/ we ain't
under canines we put canines under/ go
play my numbers you ain't my brothers/ fill ya
mouth so full of foot it'll taste like fungus/ for
weeks straight – cause you couldn't speak straight / get
glassed and put on your arse by a flea-weight/
ain't no sun on this horizon / I got
mates with guns but missiles are flying/
Us letting labels relax is me paying my/
tax or like P K paying for taxi's/ it
ain't gonna happen – so who's to ask/ how we
get free entry to Luna Park/ spill
schooner glasses get scoobies sparked/ steal
computer parts out of supermarkets/ you
can't stop shit that my crew has started/
Por Khunt Productions Future's Dark bitch

Verse 3:
P K Crew and we played our part/
Straight from the park and here today/
PK PK here to say/
Pork hunts rawting ya all the way/ so
fuck the fakes we'll stomp ya face/
all you lads go dump your base/
rob the bar and get off your face/
future's dark and life's erased/ no
time to take no time off/ any
time your life could stop.../ I'll
crash your stocks like Microsoft/ I'll
bash these gronks and write it off/ the
bombs just dropped so we take it all/
mics and the decks and we're out the door/
Por Khunt Productions we keep it raw/
got you cunts pumping and breaking the floor



2006 - BENJI - PKP Sampler Vol. 1

2007 - STATS - PKP Sampler Vol. 2

2008 - KAOE - PKP Sampler Vol. 3

2009 - BENJI of PK CREW - I'm Not A Rapper
(available on iTunes)

2010 - PK CREW - Future's Dark (OUT SOON)

Set List

It varies to the promoters needs. Can be ten minutes can be an hour. No two sets are alike.