PK & Janko

PK & Janko

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

What you'll get if you mix PK's favorites: fever to &R, blues and pop ( almost in every forms) to Janko's favorites: reggae, African folk music to DR Alban!!??
Home-brew, Afro-blues, rock and roll and even ”pop”, spiced with the West African beats and percussive & melodic semi-acoustic / electric guitar banging with North Finland’s ambience.


PK has played guitar already 32 years, of which 30 years in the band 22-Pistepirkko and those years have included numerous albums, tours & concerts all over the world. PK’s unique style to play his guitars is identifiable – same time when it tells the history of blues & rock’n’roll, it’s very new one. It’s PK’s style.

JANKO MANNEH: DJEMBE, BASS DRUM, HARMONICA AND VOC. Janko is originally from Gambia and has played various percussion instruments during the years. He has played in many bands and performed for example in China and other countries as well. He’s also a teacher of djembe.


Currently the PK & Janko duo is pre-producing their debut album and writing new songs.

The language of the songs is English and Mandinka.