PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Eternally)
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PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Eternally)

Band Hip Hop Gospel


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PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Eternally) @ Abundant Faith Cathedral

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Eternally) @ Word of Life Christian Center

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Eternally) @ The Upper Room

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


How are you doing? Fine I hope. I just want to thank you for the talent and knowledge that you have. You really are doing good works in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how glad the Lord must be to see you working for him and not the world. It is an everyday promise that we have to keep to him that our minds and hearts will continue to serve and worship him with all our being. The performance at Jude Missionary Baptist Church was a big hit. The teens enjoyed seeing rappers of the word and not the world. How proud you must be to be doing his work with so much emotion and honor. 

With Love and Encouragement

May God Bless You Always

- Juanita Johnson - Jude Missionary Baptist Church

Looking from the outside in you will immediately see PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. as electrifying performers. But looking from the inside out you will know this is raw ministry, raw music; the gospel in your face! Ron O and Choir Boy serve it up to you straight no chaser, Jesus for the block! - Paul Collins - Youth Pastor, Abundant Faith Cathedral and Gospel Recording Artist with the Group Ema

It is my pleasure to thank you for utilizing your God given talent at our Youth Explosion on May 5, 2006. When selecting our presenters, I had no idea that the message of the Lord would come forth so powerful. What a great work that you are doing in the Name of the Lord. The youth enjoyed the performance; they thought that all rappers were of the world (you made a difference). It is good to know that there are Christian rappers willing to go the extra mile in the Jesus name. You have proved to Jude Missionary Baptist Church and our guest that you are filled with the love of God. - Juanita Johnson - Jude Missionary Baptist Church


Young & Blessed - single 2006
Born Again - single 2006
Choir Boy- Church 2 the Streets Vol. 1- mixtape 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Once upon a time not long ago, there were two brothers that exemplified hustle and flow. They were so close to fame, Satan was dripping from his fangs, he saw them as prey, hunted them like they were fair game. But in their darkest hour when the game went sour, they were born again after witnessing God's power. "Born Again", "Young & Blessed", PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. is the group formerly known as V.S. V.S. (Verse- us) released their secular debut "VSOP" in 2002. Now the group is back with a new name, a new swagger and a new perspective!

P.K’S 4 L.I.F.E. is a Christian Rap group comprised of Antone “Choir Boy” Bell and Ron O. Their anointed ministry targets the streets of America in hopes to lead those led astray to the Shepard, Jesus Christ. In addition to music, Antone Bell is a “Salvational Motivational” speaker. His company, Eternal Prosperity, produces the radio program “I’m a Christian” broadcasted, Friday’s on 1440 AM WDRJ Detroit at 8pm. Antone is also the creator and host of the new show coming to Comcast this Fall, "Can I Get A Witness?" Ron O, a member of Word of Faith International Christian Center, is a “Christian Tastemaker” and general manager of O-SKI Enterprises, L.L.C. a Christian lifestyle company currently focused on music production and film scoring. Ron O recently scored the indie-film "Blaze: The Truth Through Hip Hop" that will be coming to theaters soon. The duo is currently promoting their hit singles "Young & Blessed" and "Born Again" as well as their mixtape entitled "PK'S 4 L.I.F.E. Presents... Choir Boy/From the Church 2 the Streets Vol. 1".

"Our music is testimonial." States Ron O, "If you want to know about our life or the life that we lived, listen to our music!" He continues, “You’ll experience our pain, our struggles, our transformation and victories!". According to the PK’S, this is not what they wanted to do but what they were called to do. “Ron was the first to crossover into gospel,” says Antone, “Ron got saved and promised God that he would do whatever he wanted. That’s what God wanted him to do. I, on the other hand, had one foot in the church and other on the block. I wasn’t willing to make that change. However, it is very hard to ignore God when He calls!”

Without any advertisement, PK’S 4 L.I.F.E. has been requested to minister at a great number of churches and events simply from word of mouth. Influenced by the truth, PK’S 4 L.I.F.E., believes that the Bible is the divine Word of God and that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. “We are intent on sharing our belief with the world!” - PK’S 4 L.I.F.E.-