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The best kept secret in music


" Review"

Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup: Halfway Home

Pete Kilpatrick didn't add the word Supergroup to the end of his formal band name for nothing. Combining a jam band sound with the electricity of alternative rock, the band's newest album, Halfway Home, certainly lives up to the band's catchy title. Kilpatrick is a master vocalist; with a voice so smooth, so completely serene...well, it overshadows the music because it's just so hard to ignore Kilpatrick's dreamy, crisp voice. Then come the tunes...a varied meld of electric guitar and upbeat percussion. There's a sense of Maroon 5 guitarage in the songs, but Kilpatrick's vocals are incomparable, which makes the CD stand out. Overall, his sound is similar to Howie Day, with the right amount of contrast to give the album its own realm. "Secret Stuff" is an acoustic-based song which integrates almost a club-type of percussion into it, as Kilpatrick sings, "I dream too much/There's little time for the truth/I'm sailing through her/You and I will make it through tonight." Also, "The Wells Beach House" took me to straight to his softer side, as the guitars raged and Kilpatrick belted out his emotions. I like the unique range of emotionally sensitive vocals and surging electric guitars with flowing keyboards that this group has going on. It certainly makes them super, to say the least.
Favorite Tracks: Glow, Won't Be Long
Rating: 4 stars

From Sept 03’

"Portland Phoenix Review"

And yet another of summer’s promises will be kept this week, with the September 23 release of the Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup’s Half-Way Home.
It’s fitting that the ’Group should have waited, as this is no summer album. Dreamy, thoughtful, and navel-gazing along the lines of Howie Day, John Mayer, and Pete Yorn, this is a disc more fitting for walks with a sweetie along leaf-strewn pathways, huddled close together, than buzzing along the turnpike with the top down. Though there is urgency and some great playing here, often up-tempo, it is Kilpatrick’s breathy vocals that dominate throughout, all sensitive-like in a way bound to cause dewy-eyed girls to congregate in the front row and toss lingerie stageward.
You know, an album peppered with lyrics like, " When I’m with you, I feel things I never feel " ( " Secret Stuff " ) and " I’ll take you home, but I can’t say goodbye " ( " Won’t be Long " ). Mostly, it’s pretty, but in a good way.
" Midflight " sets itself apart, however, with Kilpatrick delivering crisp vocals — " As the man in the sand says/ Why does this feel so right?/ Like the girl with the smile said/ Why is the sky so bright? " — and the band supporting him with a fully instrumented sound that makes him better, the way Dave Matthews’s band keeps propping him up.
Also, " Honk if You Love Heights " is a winner, with a particularly great chorus, " Don’t leave, she said/ It’s getting heavy now/ In my head, communications down, nobody’s in town/ To pick up all the pieces from off the ground. " Again, it’s well instrumented, with guitar chirps mixing into relatively distorted wash (the combined work of Jesse Remignanti). Also, this is a good place to mention that the drums by Ethan Wright are clean and consistent throughout, never intrusive, but good and inventive enough to make you notice them from time to time.
Plus, you get here some old-fashioned " Da, da, da, da " voice-as-an-instrument work, which is charming, and an extended instrument bridge, which is nice to see, as it dispels worries that Kilpatrick’s songwriting plays too strongly to his vocals, a problem from time to time on the album.
From the Portland Phoenix Sept’ 03
- Portland Phoenix

"Decent Xposure Returns, Indies Get the Spotlight"

Decent Xposure Returns, Indies Get the Spotlight
by Kristen Pasculli

Thanks to a superb partnership with our peeps over at Decent Xposure, we bring you this review of their sophomore compilation CD, a masterful blend of talent worthy of showcasing.

Cari Gelber and Ben Hordell have done it again – they've hand-selected a group of fresh artists with mega talent to be displayed on Volume 2 of their rising Decent Xposure compilation series. This time, they've mixed blues with alternative rock, for a compendium of great artists.

Marc Broussard's track, "Blue Jeans" represents him well, and offers some blues rock that seems to go right to the soul. Red Wanting Blue added "Borderline", a great slow alt rock tune with heartfelt lyrics. "Knock Out Punch" is sure to be a popular request by Toothpick, a New York City group with a Michael Tolcher/Jason Mraz kind of alternative rap. Owen Beverly's "For Mia" is my favorite song of his, a smooth rock and roll track with some sweet lyrics.

The already popular "Whole Again" by Granian was added to the compilation. The song features witty, introspective lyrics, soaring lead vocals and a fun semi-jam style. The Radiohead-like band 19 Wheels is featured for their song, "Are You Happy." I'd never heard of them and they're already a new favorite (but that's what compilations are for, right?)

"Babylon" by Akiva is also included, a smooth alternative track with blues rhythms. This song is such a fun track...a happy song! The energized "It's About Time" from Ohio's Will Bowen makes the album complete, and Bowen's got desirable gritty vocals with a great alt rock sound backing him up.

The Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup are a welcome addition to this collection, and they brought their dreamy Mayerish track, "Glow." This song is a pure treat – an authentic jam from this Maine band.

I'd never heard of Todd Martin, who reminds me of PJ Laughran with his quickly sung yet meaningful lyrics. "All In Good Time" showcases his intricate acoustic guitar talents. Oval Opus returns with "Say Anything", an electrically-driven track with some masterful lead vocals. "Sheen" was offered up by Washington DC's, The Low Life, another funkish track reminiscent vocally of Maroon 5.

Overall, there's a heavy alternative rock vibe and blues come in secondary. Gelber and Hordell blend just the right styles to showcase singer-songwriters who have varied talents; and they do so in a way that gives each artist and band their decent exposure


Halfway Home- Released independently in 2003, has sold almost 1000 copies locally and at shows. Single "Midflight", has been added to 98.9 WCLZ's playlist.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup

One of the greatest challenges for a band is creating a sound that is unique, yet still accessible to a broad spectrum of listeners. Since their formation in the fall of 2002, The Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup has accomplished just that. Incorporating both acoustic and electric guitar with a tight and tasteful rhythm section creates a multi-dimensional sound that instantly sets them apart from others. As a singer, Pete Kilpatrick demonstrates the rare ability to consistently deliver catchy melodies, along with sincere and colorful lyrics. In little over a year, the band has gained recognition by writing well-crafted songs and performing regularly throughout New England. In May of 2003 the group was chosen out of 800 entries to open for Sixpence None the Richer in the Mix 98.5 "Boston Idol" contest. The following month the band was voted best new act in the Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll. They've also had airtime on Mix 98.5 (Boston, MA), WCYY 94.3 (Portland, ME), and WCLZ 98.9,(Portland, ME). Opening slots for O.A.R, Gavin Degraw, and Pete Francis haven't hurt either. Selling in excess of 4,000 CD's independently, playing countless packed college shows, playing at the State Theater in Portland to a crowd of 1,400, it's clear that the Pete Kilpatrick Supergroup has a bright future ahead of them.

"This band is radical...@$%#ing radical!" - Jason Mraz

Pete Kilpatrick-Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Remignanti-Electric Guitar, Vocals
Hutch Heelan-Bass, Vocals
Ethan Wright-Drums, Vocals