Place Klezmer

Place Klezmer

 Strasbourg, Alsace, FRA

Pocket Klezmer Band


ItÂ’s the story of an unusual encounter, of an atypical duet between just as atypical instruments: the accordion and the trombone. Taking it in turns to carry the bass lines, these two instruments awash with sounds, colours and emotions impart the variety of Jewish music from central Europe. Originating from Strasbourg, the duo sets off on a caravan tour in a land of laughter, tears, joy, sorrow and heartfelt music. A festive and energetic group, Place Klezmer is without doubt the smallest Klezmer band in the world!


- Hassapiko (Place Klezmer / L'Assoce Pikante) : 2006
- Amerika (Place Klezmer / L'Assoce Pikante - PLAYASOUND / HARMONIA MUNDI) : 2012