Place of Indigo

Place of Indigo

 Como, Western Australia, AUS

Deep, Soothing, Somewhat Dark Indie-Rock that makes you sit up and take notice. The Cure dancing with Joy Division, listening to an Interpol record.


Withdrawing from the soul rock sounds of many of Perth’s local talents, Place of Indigo bring something completely new and eerily thought provoking.

Their style, while not dissimilar to that of older contempories such as Joy Division and The Cure, cleverly blends the art pop 80’s sound with a dark modern edge heard through thriving newcomers like The Horrors and Interpol.

A four piece that includes keys, bass, lead and drums, the local lads construct danceable indie rock songs with distinctive vocals and emotive instincts. Their combination of song writing skills and quality live shows have helped Place of Indigo build a very loyal and sizeable following.

"Place of Indigo could be on the verge of becoming Perth’s latest indie rock sensation." - (21st September, 2009)


Self Titled 3-track Demo released in May 2009

Single of 12:15 released on 16th December 2009, with Drowning Dream as a B-Side

Set List

A 40-45 minutes, all originals, including all tracks from the Demo and Single, with new material constantly being introduced.