Places on Maps

Places on Maps


Modern rock free of genre conventions. Sharp synthesis of pop songcraft, rousing rock energy, and fierce independent streak of experimentation. Broad appeal with great pop hooks coupled with idiosyncratic rock attitude. Young, high energy performers.


Places on Maps began in 2006 as Adam & Greg wrote songs together while living in New York, and played shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn under various names. They were influenced by everything from Chiswick to World Serpent, and crafted songs that put genuine expression, rhythmic syncopation, and infectious melodies over pat stylistic genre conventions.

The duo moved to Oakland and recruited Justin as a permanent drummer. Places on Maps never misses an opportunity to gig, & they play everywhere from clubs, to art galleries, to diy basement shows...whatever & wherever. They continue to write and record constantly, all-the-while creating buzz with unconventional live performances.


Is That Real Blood? (2007)

Red Spider Paranoia (2008)

All tracks (including live tracks, demos, ect) are available at our website:

Set List

Enough Original material for 60 minutes.

In the past we've covered The Boys, Niel Young, DIJ, Silver Jews, and The Zombies. However, there are no "standard" covers in the set.