Plague of the Hour

Plague of the Hour


Our music sums up what our lives have been up to this point.Each song we write has something to do with our lives and reflects our struggles.


Basically,Plague of the Hour is 3 guys writing music about life's trials and tribulations.We try to reach out to the everyday person and offer them a small escape from this crazy world we live in.Our biggest musical influences are Porcupine Tree,Opeth,Metallica and many others.


The Final Say
As we fade to Light
Smokin' on Route 66
A Prison for All
The World's Lullaby

Set List

Normal set(45 mins):
Sweet Child O' Mine(Guns N Roses)
The Final Say
A Prison For All
As we Fade to Light
Smokin' on Route 66
The Worlds Lullaby