Plague of Truth
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Plague of Truth

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States | SELF

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States | SELF
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Get With This
Superhero ft. K.P.
This Is Our God ft. Lady Favor, Crimson
This Is Love ft. K.P.
He Will ft. Jessica Crawford
Who You Are ft. Demetrius Lancaster
Gotta Rewind ft. Crimson
Represent His Name ft. Crimson
I Press On

Through Christ
Warriors ft. Crimson
You Gotta Get Him (I Got Him) ft. 3 Spikes
Follow Him
Characteristics ft. Vizzini
I Got The Lord ft. Crimson
Neva Leavin ft. Bad Karma
I Know You Love Me ft. Jenn, Celes
John 14:6

Pillars of Strength ft. Crimson
Silent Side ft. Crimson
Ready or Not ft. Crimson
Raise Ya Head Up ft. Vizzini
Let Freedom Ring?



Dear Cross Movement Records,

My name is Townsend James Pompeo, but everybody calls me either TJ or TEEJ. First off, I wanted to let you know I'm actually a very close friend of Kristen Betts (K.B.), one of the members of the new addition to your team, "Level 3:16." Her and I have done music ministry as well as urban-teen ministry together a couple times in the last year and a half. If you have any follow up questions about me or my music, you can definitely refer to her. All of the songs that I uploaded to this EPK are from my upcoming third album, entitled “Expressive Content,” set to release in mid-January 2011. Between all of the songs on it, some accolades that the album has received (prior to release) is 18,000 plays on Myspace Music, an appearance in the film “The Watcher,” an appearance in a promo video for the summer camp Summer’s Best Two Weeks Citikidz (which gives a guarantee that the song on the video has been heard by at least 10,000 people), international airplay and ministry in England and Spain, as well as three radio station interviews and an album release party set for January 2011. GLORY TO GOD THOUGH! To give you some background of myself, first off Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of my music. I am nothing without Him. I am currently a junior at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. I have an immense passion for writing hip-hop. I use that passion solely to express my love for Jesus and how He's changed my life. I was born in Virginia in 1990 and grew up in church, but never fully understood the concept of actually "walking" or "following" Christ until I was about twelve. I accepted Christ into my life once I got involved with a local youth group. That lasted until about sophomore year in high school when I threw God on a shelf and started worrying about what my peers thought of me. I decided that I wanted to be different from everyone else; But how? Well I began to notice that I really enjoyed the musical genre of hip-hop. Even though I was fresh to the music scene, I fell in love with it instantly. After a lot of encouragement, I decided to write my first song and God gave me the stage name “Plague of Truth.” At that time I was writing songs for the Lord, but I started to notice that none of my "friends" were as impressed and psyched about it as I was. So sure enough to please the crowd, I decided to start dumbing down my lyrics and forming a bit of a secular flow. By the beginning of my senior year in high school I was writing NOTHING BUT secular music. I became wrapped up in all sorts of foolish idolatry with an obsession over females, a love for the party scene, and I was hooked to multiple drugs. I tried to put on this hard thug image and of course it wasn't me, so it wasn't satisfying me. The emptiness and desire for SOMETHING MORE IN LIFE kept on growing within my heart. As the first semester of college evolved, my roommate (who was/is a Christian) was attending an on-campus ministry. He would always invite me, but I always said I had better things to do. After winter break, he kept inviting me and I decided to go. I went to this bible study hosted by the ministry entitled D.U.R.A.G. (Divine Unity Righteously Applying God). God really captured my heart that night. It's hard to explain the emotions I felt on that night, but I will never forget how loved and accepted I was. I went back to the dorm after the bible study and just cried on my bed for hours, and I could feel and sense Jesus wrapping me in His arms. The Lord is good and that night I decided to completely turn my life around. I deleted all my drug contacts, got heavily involved with D.U.R.A.G. Ministries as their Head Audio Technician and formed a complete new circle of friends. I decided to completely change my style of writing music as well. God e has blessed me with the funds to purchase a whole new professional recording studio, which I used to self-produce my first Christian album “Side by Side,” which was a big success. I’m currently finishing up my 3rd overall album which is entitled “Expressive Content,” and I've already got ideas for the 4th album. I’ve been ministering through hip hop over the last 2 years at multiple venues: Bible studies, nationwide youth conferences, summer camps, multiple churches, youth groups, schools and universities, etc. I’ve even had the amazing privilege of ministering through hip hop overseas in Europe. I truly feel that God has called me to minister through music as my vocation, so I would absolutely love and cherish the opportunity to be a part of your team in spreading the Gospel through hip hop and song. I would be thrilled if you would consider me and I would LOVE to have you be the record label and skilled professionals behind my 4th album and future albums. If you have questions or would like to contact me, my business number is 5404763629 or my personal number at 5404760996. If you would like to contact my manger Mike, his number is 5404764248
My email is: plague