plain jane automobile

plain jane automobile


Plain Jane Automobile performs up and down the east coast in venues as Hard Rock Live and the House of Blues, along with a slew of local clubs and music festivals. They have performed with international acts such as Stereophonics, Supergrass, OK-Go, and Seven Mary Three.


Plane Jane Automobile emerged as a sort of anomaly out of the mid-90’s Orlando scene. Forsaking the post-grunge, bar-friendly fodder that dominated the city at the time they instead focused on crafting textured layers of melodies and soundscapes with driving rhythms reminiscent of the brit-pop that had influenced many of them growing up.

It all started when lead singer, and then bassist, Duke Crider teamed up with longtime band mate Luis Mejia in mid-1998 as a basis for something new. “We wanted to create something that represented exactly where we were as artists and never again compromise with anything we produced” explains Crider as he took the helm as frontman for the first time. They recruited local players and began to craft a continuation of what they have been influenced by with their stark originality and driving live show. Soon the scene began to take notice. Their long sold-out first CD showcasing the beginnings of what was to come; setting a standard for thoughtful songwriting that was only to be raised by them higher and higher.

After years of perfecting their sound they enlisted ex-Choke member Paul McCorkell to take on the bass duties, and local in-demand drummer Mark Janssen to bring up their sound to the next level. Their steady ascent through the Orlando scene began to pay off with such high-profile spots as being personally selected by local legends Seven Mary Three to perform with them and opening a sold-out show for their heroes Supergrass. More recently they performed with Stereophonics for about 1900 fans at the House of Blues and also OK-GO.

The current incarnation of Plane Jane Automobile is many things. At once driving with the move-your-body anthem ‘Blue Jeans’, to the epic sounding ‘Awake’. They embody what they live; a reach-out-and-grab-you demand to rock and a reminder of just how everything in a group can fall so perfectly into place. Their latest 3-song EP is being circulated all over the region and begs the arrival of a full length CD due in summer of this year.

by Marcus Smith


2005 Summer - Upcoming full length release
2003 - Plain Jane Automobile
2000 - Dreaming in Retro

Set List

Plain Jane Automobile typically performs sets of 45-55 minutes of original music. Although the band does have 75 minutes of material prepared and can provide an even longer set with advanced notification.