Pl[a]in Sud

Pl[a]in Sud


Pl[a]in sud is a project created on the meeting of four musicians from the jazz collective La Tribu Herisson and a musician of arabo-andalusian tradition which exchange on different kind of musics (jazz, electro acoustic, impromptu, contemporay music and oriental music)


Borned in 2005, a first cooperation with the Tunisian oudist KhaledBen Yahia led to the fisrt album of Pl[a]in Sud in 2007. Since 2008 the project goes on with Adel Salameh, composer and Palestinian oudist.
The meeting, the exchange between these cultures consitutes the heart of this project.
The original compositions of Pl[a]in Sud fit in an opened form, from tutti to the solo, leaving a large space to improvisation, to the expressivity of each musician.
The personalities of each musicians interact towards an overall cohesion to give to this
formation a strong identity.
On stage Pl[a]in Sud seduces the audience thanks to its musicality, the listening quality and the connivance which exists between the musicians.
A new album with Adel Salameh’s contribution will be released in the last semestre of 2009.


Album Pl[a]in Sud, released in februray 2007
With: Khaled Ben Yahia (oud and vocal)
Label : La Tribu HéRissOn
Distribution : Muséa, Improjazz, Les Allumés du Jazz

Set List

Tariq 7 mn. composerAdel Salameh
Ara 8 mn. composer Adel Salameh
Setti 8 mn. composer Adel Salameh
Douce Brise 6mn. composer Adel Salameh
TGM 9 mn. composer Serge Sana
1976 9 mn composer Serge Sana
Hydra 10 mn composer Serge Sana
les cheminées 7 mn. composer Samuel Chagnard