Sing-alongs and stage dives, claps and tears. Founded on the roots of punk rock, Plainsunset plays an ever evolving brand of honest alternative music that has stood the test of time in it's 15 year career, winning new fans at every show (and every share).


Plainsunset is by far one of the most influential and inspiring bands in Singapore to date.
Best known for their high-energy performances, irreverent stage banter and catchy tunes, Plainsunset are today’s shape of punk to come. To label them as a pop-punk band is inadequate - yet at heart they still fiercely embody the punk-rock mentality that continually shapes their music and ethics.

Plainsunset specialise in crafting some of the most memorable sing-along anthems this side of South East Asia, and it is a common sight to see and hear their audiences singing along to the point of overpowering the band!

Suffice it to say that they have a large and fiercely loyal international fan base, and consistently win new fans with every performance.

Formed in 1996, Plainsunset have 5 full-length albums under their belt, and songs on countless other compilations both local and international. Whether playing to 30 people in a cramped club, or to 3000 screaming fans on a huge outdoor stage,

Plainsunset have done it all, and then some. They have performed internationally, taking their music to Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, New Zealand, China and most recently Australia in a series of successful tours.

With such a long history of playing out, it is no wonder every
Plainsunset show is more than a performance - it is an unforgettable experience.

The band broke up in 2004, signifying the end of an era for them and for each individual member to focus on other musical activities. In 2006, they made their return at the Esplanade’s Baybeats 2006, Singapore’s Biggest Indie-Alternative Music
Festival to set a Baybeats record of the highest ever turnout for a single set to 8,500 screaming fans.

Plainsunset have since released two albums since it’s return. The self titled “Plainsunset” in 2008 and the experimental EP “Collabor-8” in 2010. A sixth album set for a 2013 release is being worked on now.


LP - Runaway (1997), Straits Records Singapore

LP - Lovesongsfortheemotionallywounded (2001),
Wake Me Up Music Singapore

LP - The Gift (2004), Wake Me Up Music Singapore

LP - Lovesongsfortheemotionallywounded Reissue (2006), Wake Me Up Music Singapore

LP - Plainsunset (self titled) (2008), Universal Music/Wake Me Up Music Singapore

EP - Collabor-8 (2009), Universal Music/ Wake Me Up Music SIngapore