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The best kept secret in music


Plan B: On April 16 I made it out to the Starlight to check out local band Plan B. What I found was a group of crazy, intense performers. While Plan B's music raged -- vocals screaming, guitars churning at break-neck speed -- a healthy-sized, enthusiastic crowd formed a mosh pit on the dance floor .

Then the action started happening on stage. At first the guitarist only did a little bumper car action on the vocalist. At one point, I turned away for a second. When I returned my gaze to the stage, the bassist had his guitar off and was full-body tackling the vocalist. Talk about the right attitude. This band just likes to have fun!

By the end of the set, everyone in the band had their shirts off and there was nothing but sweat, energy and volume cranking from the stage.

Obviously a band that has succeeded in creating a core fan-base, Plan B is recommended for raw, revved up music and edge-of-chaos intensity.

Plan B will join Forget Today, 8OM, Synaptic Collapse and Greg Baerns May 13 at Bottoms Up, 3124 S. Parker Road, in Aurora. Cost is five bucks for the 21 and over show. Also watch for another Starlight date in the near future. - Scene Magazine


2005 - Forthcoming EP to be recorded at renowned Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, CO in mid-July. The EP will be retail-ready and have a fall release date.

2004 Demo (current release) - Recorded May 2004 at Morningwood Studio, Fort Collins, CO. Has received radio airplay on Clear Channel stations 93.3 KTCL (Denver, CO) and 106.7 KBPI (Denver, CO), and also on college station 90.5 KCSU (Fort Collins, CO).

2003 and earlier - many self-produced demos recorded with various levels of quality, and handed out to fans for free by the thousands.


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you're reading this, rather than slam you with the industry standard B.S., we’re going to give you the straight dope:

We’re Plan B., a rock band from Fort Collins, CO; started in late 2002.

1) We booked and financed our own week-long tour in the summer of 2004. During which, we made a few fans, shared a sandwich with a homeless guy and broke our clutch driving to a gig on the Sunset Strip (sad but true). It was a lot of fun, and convinced us that this is what we are going to do with our lives.

2) Recorded various demos, and gave them away promptly; somewhere to the tune of 3,000 CDs.

3) Played over 70 shows; regularly pulling 300+ at our most recent.

4) Starved.

5) This fall we will be recording our first EP at the renowned Blasting Room Studios. Not an accomplishment - not yet - but we are excited for the suffix.

We have been likened to Pearl Jam, Incubus, Korn and a slew of other bands from a slew of different styles. We probably sound like some of them, and in some cases it is our live show that impresses the comparison.

To experience our music is twofold, both visual and aural, for it is our performance that gives depth to our music: decides who we wound and how we erupt; and it is our music that gives voice to our performance: decides the mood of our monster.

The three-word sentence that best wraps us up in a nice little package: Energy

Maybe rock needs salvation. Maybe it doesn’t. We’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s getting a little stale on the airwaves, but fresh air is pumped in occasionally, and if we can be part of the influx, we will achieve our goal; surpass it even. Whether we are connected to or make room for whatever is on the horizon, we will have fun doing what we love and hope to reach anyone who enjoys us.

Thank you for your time,

Mickey, Mark, Dave, and Rob (and Kevin)