Planes and Planets

Planes and Planets


We tried to get to space; instead we found guitars and three-chord structures...


Diversity. Our songs can range from straight-forward pop punk rock tunes to more alternative, ghostly compositions - the direct result of a list of humorously diverse musical influences.
In 2012, we went under a drastic line-up change: the bassist left, the drummer became the bassist, and a new drummer was brought in. Our session member James Reza picks up a guitar and joins us whenever he can to play some o' the auxiliary stuff.
We're just a few melody makers from the dreadful wastelands of North Texan suburbia...
(unfortunately) Often compared to : Relient K, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182.



Written By: Matthew Sanders

You’re leaving and don’t care
Much for the words that bring me down
Below the Earth, far away, you wanted
more or so you claimed. Speak your mind,
you’ll say it all, you’ll tell me all your plans
It’s very simple, it’s chilling
I’m hoping and wishing so much more
than before, your eyes are wide glowing
bright, I’ve got you locked within my sight
Close your mind you said you’d go
Am I caring too much? I’m always
hoping, I’m always wishing
The waves will bring me down you
won’t care, but I’ll try to find my way
to shore. The waves will pull me in
I’m so scared, but I’ll still find my way to shore
You’re falling apart with no signs that you care
But I miss you so bad, can you tell me that you’re
there? I’m calling you out with my heart and best
intentions but I’m sure I’ll cave more and let the
waves take me in...

When The Moon Is Gone

Written By: Matthew Sanders

I’m like a ghost trapped in the dark
Can’t find the light it seems so far
The truth was there I can’t deny
I built a wall and chose to hide
Can they hear my voice and find
I’ve been here so long it plagues my mind
Days will pass but won’t get old
Times will change but we’ll remain
When the moon is gone then you’re
all alone, when the cities stop then
you’re left to go. And if they will see
a ghost is all we’ll be, our dreams may
change our lives never hiding the ghost inside
A concrete wall is what I built my time is up
and my end is now, my voice is dead in a lonely
echo, my ghost is seen but it’s as a shadow. The
moon is gone and I’m all alone but the urges start
and they come and go, but the ghost inside it’ll never hide

Follow Closely

Written By: Matthew Sanders, Rumian Reza

They’re marching with every step
Fighting through the dark and cold
We look at the hell they’ve made
A ruined city calling for help
We’ll suit up for the fight
Listen now, no one’s right
If you wake up you’ll find inside
The cure to see is not a fight
Follow closely and you’ll be fine
Promise you we’ll get there soon
Follow closely and you’ll be alive
Promise you the world we knew before
The planes work to build the sky
Climbing height they’re ripping clouds
Take a lesson from what’s above
What’s left to save is your own end


Thee "Waves" EP was released on October 26th, 2012. This is the very first release that we feel best represents us. It is streaming in its entirety at our Bandcamp website. ( All songs heard on this EPK are from the EP.

Set List

(The entire Waves EP, plus a couple of new/old songs.)